Job Description:

  1. To understand the needs of India region business for industry and cloud products, develop corresponding industry solutions and product solutions, and be responsible for the final implementation and promotion of the solutions.
  2. Provide industry and product technical consulting, solution training and empowerment for Indian business, and make continuous updates to relevant industry and product solutions.
  3. Collaborate with international strategy, operation, product and other team resources to support international business development planning, solution evolution and industry promotion from the perspective of technical solutions.



  1. Bachelor degree or above, at least 3 years of public cloud or private cloud pre-sales experience, understanding of various public cloud products, business architecture, deployment, operation and maintenance on public cloud and others;
  2. In-depth understanding of a vertical industry (e.g. game/audio/video/banking/medical/government/cultural tourism, etc.), participated in leading an large-scale projects or technical solutions , and have a better understanding of the industry situation and solutions
  3. Excellent English & Hindi reading, writing and listening skills,Konwing Chinese is preferable
  4. Have leadership (CXO level) communication skills and strong understanding of customer needs;
  5. have good communication skills, teamwork spirit and anti-stress ability, with a very strong sense of responsibility and problem solving ability;
  6. Priority admission through Tencent Cloud technology certification or equivalent qualification certification.

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