* Build and maintain the advertisement creative insights services.
* Introduce major innovations on models that can understand the advertisement creatives on the global game markets.
* Research on computer vision algorithms and follow up with the latest researches to iterate the models behind the scene.
* Work closely with other teams to explore and prototype new product features.

## Minimum qualifications

- Ph.D. or Master in Computer Science, Electrical/Computer Engineering, Mathematics/Statistics, Operations Research, Industrial & Systems Engineering, or related technical disciplines.
- Experience developing video/Image classification, segmentation, and detection services and models.
- Strong fundamentals in Machine and Deep Learning.
- Self-motivated and independent learner who is willing to share knowledge with the team.
- Efficient and detail-oriented time manager who thrives in a dynamic and fast-paced working environment

## Preferred qualifications

- Experience developing new representations for video analysis applied to processing and creating videos.
- Experience exploring artificial intelligence methods to support content creation and understanding.
- Experience developing scalable machine learning and computer vision algorithms, leveraging deep learning.
- Experience engaging on product innovation and deploying research to support critical product needs.
- Strong programming skills in Java and Scala, experience in functional programming.
- Proficient in statistical programming languages such as Python orR.
- Strong working knowledge in RDBMS such as PostgreSQL or NoSQL.
- Published state of the art research.

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