Interested in applying machine learning to advance the field of computer games and game production? We are looking for a machine/deep learning expert to join our R&D team with a focus on developing techniques for improving games for our players. We are interested in pushing multiple fields including, but not limited to, generative models for content production, data denoising and compression, and animation synthesis. 



  • Researching and implementing novel, or improvements to state of art, machine learning techniques for use in upcomings games or as part of the production of same
  • Stay up to date with current research in the domain of machine learning in the context of computer games or other applicable fields
  • Collaborating with other Tencent teams and studios to ensure that the techniques being developed are applicable to upcoming titles or their production



  • Experience with machine/deep learning relevant for games or graphics and computer games. For example, style transfer, image segmentation/classification, or animation synthesis, etc.
  • Extensive knowledge of modern ML frameworks such as TensorFlow
  • Familiarity with techniques applicable either for use in computer games or in the production of assets for computer games
  • Understanding of the game production process in one or more areas (graphics, animation, AI, …)


Preferred skills

  • Experience with debugging, profiling, and optimizing CPU code
  • Experience working with Unreal, Unity, or comparable in-house engines
  • Experience with streaming systems and/or open-world games
  • MSc or PhD in a relevant area

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