We are setting up a new R&D cell to focus on improving the state-of-art of animation technology for our upcoming titles. This includes developing techniques for the in-game runtime, targeting improved fidelity, compression, motion synthesis, as well as animation production time tooling and techniques. 



  • Researching as well as implementing novel, or improvements to state of art, animation techniques for use in upcomings games or as part of the production of same
  • Stay up to date with current research in the domain of real-time animation in the context of computer games
  • Collaborating with other Tencent teams and studios to ensure that the techniques being developed are useful in upcoming titles and on current and next generation hardware platforms



  • Solid experience with modern animation programming techniques, for example multi-joint IK, motion matching, motion fields, animation compression, etc.
  • Experience with debugging, profiling, and optimizing CPU code
  • Understanding of related topics: animator workflows, mocap data cleaning, skinning techniques, game character/NPC locomotion, …
  • Experience with shipped games


Preferred skills

  • Experience working with Unreal, Unity, or comparable in-house engines
  • Experience with streaming systems and/or open-world games
  • Console optimization and debugging experience
  • MSc or PhD in a relevant area

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