The Marketing Manager main responsibility is to manage the promotion of our new and existing games through marketing actions; and to lead our marketing activities with our agency partners. Role is part of the business team in our Turkey operation but will also work with several international teams.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Have systematic marketing thinking (user survey, creative content production, channel selection, promotion, data analysis, adjustment and optimization, event marketing and community management, brand partnership), know how to formulate and organize various marketing events and activities, and effectively promote plans.
  • Analyze the market positioning of the selected games according to the market environment and competitors, lock the target user group, and clarify the market promotion direction of the product.
  • Responsible for coordinating various resources to complete the marketing planning and promotion of the game in Turkish markets; participate in the formulation of detailed and feasible marketing plans and promote the implementation with Country manager and EU Marketing Team; and carry out cost control in actual business.
  • Work with international teams to ensure creative and content are culturally relevant and legally approved
    • Direct agencies and partners -- PR, creative, advertising, tournament organization, social media -- to maximize value and maintain healthy relationships.
  • Possess team management ability and experience, formulate various standards, procedures and systems for promotion and marketing, and lead team members to complete various tasks efficiently.
  • Put forward reasonable suggestions for planning and assist superiors and related departments to formulate launch or event strategies.
  • Manage and reporting on advertising campaigns to increase downloads of our games. Working with TV or other digital outlets, the successful candidate will be responsible to select appropriate channels and improve performance of the campaigns based on monthly budgets;
    • Direct reporting to the Country Manager
    • Reporting, analysis, presentation of results to the country head and regional marketing team.

Work requirements:

  • Passion for gaming and understanding current industry trends
    • Bachelor’s degree or above, 5 years or more of marketing experience, familiar with gaming; market management experience in advertising/media and game industry is preferred.
    • Ability to communicate fluently in English.
    • Good at analyzing data, and able to adjust marketing strategies in time according to changes.
    • Have keen market awareness, adaptability, leadership, and independent market development capabilities.
    • Strong business awareness and negotiation skills, strong development ability.
    • Clear knowledge of mobile and app environments
    • Able to work independently, as part of a team
    • This position covers a wide array of marketing skills. Must be comfortable with dealing with several projects at the time and be efficient at prioritizing missions.

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