Job responsibilities: 

1. Participate in the establishment and maintenance of the AAA game narrative framework, worldview,etc; and ensure that the team maintains an alignment with the narrative-related design content;

2. Lead the selection and implementation of the narrative mechanism based on the characteristics of the different project, and participate in the needs and feedback of the production of narrative-related tools;

3. Participate in the design of in-game tasks, events, roles and factions;

4. Write high-quality scripts based on character, tasks and other content-related content;

5. Lead the output of high-quality dialogue lines, based on relevant texts related to scenes, UI, game elements and gameplay systems;

Job requirement: 

1,Possess solid writing skills, a deep understanding of nonlinear narrative structure and environmental narrative related techniques and skills;

2,Deeply understand the gameplay mechanism, and be good at combining narrative methods with gameplay;

3,Have excellent communication skills,

4,Familiar with game art expression or an art tool.

5,Literature-related majors are preferred;

6,Good at the subject of apocalyptic survival, with relevant experience or works preferred;

7,Experienced in console AAA game or as a senior player of AAA game。

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