Duties and Responsibilities

As a Gaming Analyst, you need to

  1. Based on various dimensions including game graphics, themes, gameplay, user-interactions, market size, and competitor analysis, etc., provide evaluations of games and developers behind them in a global scope


  1. Through market monitor and on-site visits, research and analyze information about local games and relevant development teams. Deliver supportive opinions regarding international expansion strategies for selected products and teams.


  1. Conduct researches about the local and foreign gaming market. Discover and provide relevant market insights on potential opportunities and promote project implementation.



As a high performer, you are expected to have

  1. Enthusiasm for the Gaming industry is a must, and you would also like to work as a Gaming Analyst for a long time.
  2. Be familiar with the history, get to know the present, and pay attention to future trends in the Tech industry.
  3. As an expert in gaming, you should know all kinds of games and be able to evaluate them from the market and product perspectives respectively.
  4. A suitable candidate also needs to be proactive, self-driven, cooperative, and can work under pressure. He or She is willing to challenge him or herself and has a high aptitude for communications and teamwork. 
  5. Experience in R&D, operation, project management, and media in the Gaming industry or analytical positions in related markets is preferred.
  6. Native Korean speaker and can use Mandarin as a working language.
  7. Undergraduate degree and above with 2-5 years working experience.

*please send the resume in Korean or Chinese

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