Job responsibilities:
Responsible for the operation of Tencent's overseas business system, including:
1.Responsible for the basic construction of system modules, cloud deployment,
2.supervision, maintenance and the development and construction of related auxiliary operation tools;
3.Iteratively realize product requirements, promptly resolve system failures in the operation and maintenance environment, and ensure safe and stable operation of overseas billing platforms;

Job Requirements:
1. Computer-related bachelor degree, more than 3 years of experience in large-scale system operation and maintenance, familiar with operation and maintenance specifications, good English reading and writing skills are preferred;
2. Proficient in linux operating system, familiar with MySQL, have rich disaster recovery operation capabilities for memory kv systems such as Redis/memcached, master in least one of python/shell programming languages, familiar with mainstream message queue middleware, Linux script processing tools ( awk, sed, etc.);
3. Master the design of distributed cluster system and have relevant maintenance experience, familiar with network protocols such as HTTP/DNS/TCP;
4. Clear thinking logic, able to quickly learn business logic, have good problem analysis and summary skills, and be good at proactively discovering and optimizing problems that appear in the work; 5. Strong sense of responsibility, good sense of service and teamwork, strong ability to withstand pressure;

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