Job Responsibilities

- Conduct operations for merchants, service providers and partner institutions in major European tourism countries.
- Based on a full understanding of regional practices, users and cooperation channels, explore the needs and scenarios of merchants and improve the market coverage rate, activity quality, and transaction volume of merchants by formulating effective operation policies and resource integration programs.
- Develop and implement business strategies for regional service providers and partners to create a high-quality local WeChat payment ecosystem.
- Develop and implement management development strategies for regional service providers and partners to achieve a sound development of local WeChat payment ecosystem


Job Requirements

- Familiar with the payment industry operation mode, experience in service merchants or channel management.
- Familiar with WeChat platform and WeChat payment service system, understand WeChat payment industry solutions and service provider system.
- Familiar with the WeChat platform capabilities such as official accounts, mini programs, card coupons, social advertisements, etc.
- Prefer relevant successful project experience.
- Proficient both in English and Chinese.

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