Collaborate with the narrative group members, ensure that the flow, timing and pace of the level and the distribution of the variable element additions are in line with the levels place within the game;
Prototype the environment and put forward interactive and static means to create emotion for the player;
Communicate the results of the prototype with team members to explain design intentions and assess the technical feasibility and quality of the maps;
Collaborate with the level artist to ensure that the level is playable, and the graphic elements support each other;
Integrate new elements into the map (new gameplay, sound, etc.);
Control the accessibility, understanding, and level of difficulty of the level;
Correct the level design bugs mentioned by testers.



Comfortable with both conceptual and practical aspects of game design;
Strong creative skills and ability to analyze with critical judgment gameplay systems;
Comfortable with a development schedule that is test-driven and focused on fast iterations and polish;
Experienced in console RPG game or as a senior player of MMO game;
Proficient in game engine such as Unreal, Unity;
Familiar with game art expression or an art tool.


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