Develop and maintain advanced character animation systems in UE4 and Unity3D;
Prototype, research into and develop new animation techniques, such as: procedural or physics-based animation, motion matching, etc. ;
Work closely across with riggers, animators, designers and other teams to improve the animation pipeline and workflow;
Develop, support and streamline the connections between technical animation, AI, physics and network systems.



Strong C++ programming skills;
5+ years of experience developing AAA games;
Strong understanding of the entire animation pipeline (mocap – in-game realization);
Firsthand experience with standard animation techniques such as rigging, skeletons, rstate machines, ragdolls, IK, compression, morph, facial animation, etc. ;
Experience using and basic understanding of animation software such as Havok Behavior, Morpheme, Natural Motion;
Experience of cutting-edge animation techniques, such as motion matching, procedural or physics-based animation;
Experience of various animation software, such as: Maya, 3DS Max, Motion Builder etc. ;
Strong understanding of the animation pipeline and team workflow.

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