What does Tempo Automation do?

At Tempo Automation, we're modernizing the way electronics are manufactured and we are looking for the most talented, creative and passionate people to join our team! We are building sophisticated software which delivers data to and extracts data from a roboticized electronics factory and all the surrounding process, toolsets and people. We enable our customers to rapidly kick off a complex electronics build with a firm belief that they'll receive the exact build they requested as well as unique value in the form of deep insight and feedback into what actually happened during their manufacturing process, what was actually built. This allows our customers to move faster with much better comprehension of all that they do.

What you’ll do...

We’re looking for a Software Engineering Manager to join our engineering team. You will lead and manage a team of 3+ engineers. You’ll work your product managers, designers, our senior factory staff, and your engineers to spec and build out projects while balancing operational needs with future focused work. Our team is small, which means every team member is given a lot of responsibility and flexibility, so you'll be a huge part of enabling that!

Providing electrical engineers with the physical equivalent of a fast and correct compiler is extremely difficult, but the payoff is enormous. If we succeed, we will accelerate the development of dozens of critical industries. Instead of having hardware engineers sit on their hands for weeks waiting for prototypes, our platform enables rapid self-service that delivers a prototype in days.

Some of the things you might work on include:

  • Offering real-time, automated manufacturing feedback based on certain parameters of our customers' designs (think linting for hardware)
  • A rich visual flow of information throughout our internal teams and for our customers which enables both broad and focused communication in ways never seen before
  • Extract and transform of hyper dense electronics data from customers, our factory systems and internal toolsets into entirely new forms that enable much of the above featureset. 

We’re looking for someone that has…

  • 3+ year(s) managing direct reports in software teams
  • 3+ year(s) experience with production class Python
  • 2+ year(s) experience with JS frameworks (we use React)
  • 5+ year(s) experience with web technologies in general
  • Experience working in cloud infrastructure (we use AWS)
  • Experience with relational databases (we use Postgres)
  • Bonus: experience with any of our other tech!

We provide...

  • Unlimited Vacation – We understand the importance of disconnecting and trust you to manage your time and get your work done. We offer salaried employees an open vacation policy.
  • Exceptional Benefits Package – We value healthy and happy employees. We offer a 401(k) and cover 100% of the premium for our competitive base health, dental, and vision package.
  • Parental Leave- We know you need time to welcome and celebrate each new addition to your family. We offer paid parental leave to make this possible.
  • Flexible Stock Options – We view options as real compensation, not a ball and chain. We allow employees who leave after two years of service to exercise their options for up to 7 years.
  • Weekly Lunches and Office Snacks – We know nothing says thank you like free food. We offer a stacked snack pantry and weekly, free company-wide lunch to fuel the journey.
  • San Francisco Office Location – We offer a convenient San Francisco location. Don’t live in the city? We offer commuter benefits to help.
  • Commuter Benefits Package – However you get to work, we want to help! We offer all salaried and hourly employees a range of commuter benefits to compensate for their time on the road.
  • Transparent and Social Culture – We work better when we’re all on the same page. We have company-wide weekly meetings to review milestones and metrics, semi-annual off sites to discuss the broader vision, and biweekly socials.

Come help us accelerate the progress of companies developing next-gen rockets, helpful drones, state of the art medical devices, and much more. We look forward to hearing from you!

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