Can you quickly master the integration with different systems such as Salesforce, Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365 and many more while shipping it with highest quality? In our Integrations Team, we often have to jump into a completely new ecosystem, at times you will have to learn a new programming language like Apax (Salesforce), a new query language like SOQL (Salesforce), a new framework like SPFX (SharePoint, Teams), apply changes to our Kubernetes infrastructure or build (Azure) pipelines to build/test/publish apps for the platforms we integrate with. We are ramping up our team and we want to hear from you!  

About the position 
We are searching for a passionate and curious software engineer who can help us lift our highly skilled engineering team. You will be a central part of our product development and have a say in choosing technologies, tools and architecture of new product features. Currently, we are a team of 3 developers, a Product Owner and a Scrum Master that really enjoy and care for our craft and are distributed between three countries. 

In the Integration Team, we primarily develop integrations for our Hive platform with other well-known platforms such as Salesforce, Google Workspace, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OpenText, Frontify and many others mostly using .NET Core and TypeScript/Javascript/React. There are various interesting technical challenges in this domain and we regularly go outside the paved road to explore and find new ways to achieve what we want. 

We take pride in creating a quality product, and our code is made via pair-programming and reviewed via pull-requests. Even when we are busy, we do not compromise on quality. If this is a tech stack that you would like to work with, and if you enjoy turning simple and readable code into complete solutions that are used by a million users daily around the globe, then Templafy is the place to be! 

How we work 

  • Teams: Each team consists of 4-6 engineers. Teams are cross-functional, self-organised and free to choose their own process, but most use a flavour of Scrum with a 2-week sprint. We believe in the lean principles - e.g. short feedback cycles, minimising handovers, and therefore each team has full responsibility for the features they own from development to deployment. 
  • Guilds: Guilds are a place to share knowledge and experiences, and to get help and ideas from others. We currently have a DevOps, Cloud, Back-end, Front-end, Security, QA, and Tracking guild. 
  • Architecture: We build software using a flavour of microservices called self-contained systems and we practice the principles of Domain Driven Design with Event Driven Architecture. Yet, we are careful to avoid over-engineering and always strive for the simplest solution possible.  
  • Test focused: We like to test the code we build, and we have a continuous integration infrastructure in place that runs our tests on every push and notifies the team on Slack if something breaks. Even when we are busy, we do not compromise on quality. 
  • DevOps mindset: We are cloud first, and everything is hosted in Microsoft Azure. Each team is responsible for deployments and monitoring of their own services. All work is managed through Azure DevOps including backlog management, source control, pull-requests, releases, and testing. 
  • Automation: We like to automate everything from deployment to setting up new infrastructure. We have built custom tools for configuring our local development environment, publish release notes to Wiki and Slack, nudge engineers about stale tasks, branches, and pull-requests, and more. When NPM or NuGet packages are updated a bot automatically creates a pull-request. All this enables us to do more than 30 daily releases to production on average! 
  • Design: We have a written coding standard, and we follow clean code principles. We develop most of our features using pair programming. Every change is peer-reviewed. We have tools for automatic code clean-up that ensure consistent formatting and structured and fail builds if any rule is violated.  
  • Tools: We use the best tools available for the job including Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise, ReSharper, Visual Studio Code, JetBrains Rider, Slack, Zoom, Git, Azure DevOps, Microsoft Azure, Docker Desktop, WSL2, SonarQube, Cypress, etc. 
  • Learning: We believe in lifelong learning and encourage everyone to read books, go to conferences, take courses, and certifications. We want to invest in everyone’s personal and professional development, and therefore we provide the necessary resources to support this. Every sprint we have internal Tech Talks and from time to time we also host and speak at meetups. 
  • FlexibleWe have distributed teams across offices in Copenhagen, Berlin and Eindhoven. Yet, all meetings and work happen online. This gives us freedom to work from home when you have a repair person coming, your child is sick, etc., and also enabled us to initiate the necessary measures within a minimal amount of time when COVID-19 hit the world. 

Technologies we use 

  • Front-end: React, Redux, TypeScript, CRA, SCSS, yarn, etc. 
  • Backend: .NET 5.0, C# 9.0, Web API, Entity Framework, VSTO, etc. 
  • Hosting: 100% Azure, Docker, Kubernetes (AKS), Web Apps, Terraform, Azure SQL, Azure Service Bus, Application Insights, Azure Monitor, Azure Data Lake, etc. 
  • What you bring in: We are not afraid of new technologies, and guilds are discussing new technology on a regular basis, making sure we keep our tools and tech stack current. 

About you
You have broad experience with system integration using .NET, C# as well as TypeScript/Javascript/React. You are an organized, responsible, humble, hungry for knowledge, emotionally intelligent, innovative, and open-minded person who takes initiative. 

You like technical challenges where you might not find an answer on Google or StackOverflow, but instead you need to be creative and do some deeper debugging to find the solution.  


  • Work closely with a department of more than 50 talented engineers and the rest of our business, all of whom are passionate about helping to create international success. 
  • Work with new technology and agile development processes. 
  • Work on a product that is an essential part of a million users' daily workflow. 
  • Competitive salary and pension. 
  • Family-friendly environment and office hours. 
  • Yearly conference budget for each engineer. 
  • Annual company event, a Friday bar on the first Friday of every month. 

All in all, at Templafy you will enjoy a combination of stable working conditions, outstanding colleagues, and genuine entrepreneurship in an equal opportunity workplace. 

Application Process 

Our team is growing continuously, and we are aiming to hire the best. As part of the job interview, we will invite you to take a coding challenge, and afterwards you will attend two technical interviews, including a pair-programming session demonstrating your technical knowledge and coding skills on the .NET platform, TypeScript and React. 

About Templafy  
Templafy is pioneering the content enablement category and defining the future of work by helping companies worldwide accelerate the business performance of content. Our platform allows companies to align workforces and effortlessly govern content while supporting teams and employees as they create on-brand, high-performing business content – like documents, presentations, and emails, faster. Templafy supports over 2.8M users and enables over 600 enterprise customers such as KPMG, IKEA, and BDO.   

Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2014, Templafy's success is built by our 60+ employee nationalities found at offices in New York, Copenhagen, London, Berlin, Eindhoven, and Sydney.  We believe when people feel they belong, have a voice, and feel heard, they are happier and perform better, and that way, everyone wins. Our innovation, diversity, and unique product have raised over $125 million in funding from Insight Venture Partners, Dawn Capital, and Blue Cloud Ventures. The future of work relies on content enabled by Templafy. 

Daily communication is in English. You will be working in our Eindhoven office in the heart of the city centre where we offer a great and supportive work environment with amazing colleagues. We get together on Fridays after work, have lunch together in our office kitchen and have regular team events. Next to that, we are very actively using our soccer table and arcade game station.  

If you want to know more read this insider’s view of Life as a Senior Software Engineer at Templafy, or have a look at this video from our self-hosted 3 days Templafy Ignite conference 2019. The 2020 conference is postponed until the circumstances permit it. If you would like to know more about what we are working on these days look, watch this Templafy platform 2020 preview. 

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