Do you enjoy quality and ensuring features delivered works as intended and are rock solid? Are you all in for automated testing? Are you ready to join the winner of Nordic startup of the year? We are ramping up our engineering team and we want to hear from you!  


About the position

We are searching for passionate Test Engineers who can help us lift our highly skilled team. We believe testing is an integral part of the engineering process in an agile context, so you will be a central part of the engineering team and interact daily with the engineers working on features and bug fixes. You will be responsible for designing and implementing tests that ensure the quality and functionality of the Templafy product, but also be part of finding ways to improve our testing efforts in general, including how to ensure fast feedback to engineers through integration of automated tests in an Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipeline. 

Startup and entrepreneurship are in our DNA, and the whole business understands that our success depends on our product. Templafy is built as a flat organisation where all employees are heard and are given room to influence the direction of the product, code and architecture. If you have a great idea, we want to hear it! 

We are an international company with more than 40 nationalities and offices in Copenhagen, Berlin, Eindhoven, and New York. Daily communication is in English. You'll be working in our Copenhagen office where we offer a great and supportive work environment with amazing colleagues. 


How we work 

We are heavily inspired by the Spotify Engineering culture, and work in squads and guilds. 

  • Squads: Each squad consists of 4-6 developers. Squads are self-organised and free to choose their own process, but most use a flavour of Scrum with a 2 weeks sprint. Squads has short feedback cycles, and do multiple daily releases in a fully automated manner. We believe in the lean principles of e.g. minimising handovers, and therefore each squad has full responsibility of the features they own from development to deployment. 
  • Guilds: All developers are part of a couple of guilds. We currently have guilds like DevOps, Cloud, Architecture, Front-end, Security, QA and Analytics. In guild we discuss relevant topics and do proof of concepts. All architectural significant decisions are decided in guilds and applied across squads. 
  • Design: We have a written coding standard and we follow clean code principles. We develop most of our features using pair programming. Every change is peer-reviewed.  
  • Test focused: We like to test the code we build, and we have a continuous integration infrastructure in place that runs our unit test on every push and notifies the team on Slack if something breaks.   
  • DevOps mindset: We are cloud first, and everything is hosted in Microsoft Azure. Each squad is responsible for deployment and monitoring of their own services. All work is managed through Azure DevOps including backlog management, source control, pull-requests, releases, and testing.  
  • Architecture: We build software using the flavour of microservices called self-contained Systems and we practice the principles of Domain Driven Design with Event Driven Architecture. Yet we still have strong opinions that software should not be over-engineered and always strive for the simplest solution possible.  
  • Tools: We use the best tools available for the job including Visual Studio 2019, ReSharper, Visual Studio Code, JetBrains Rider, Slack, Zoom, Git, Azure DevOps, Microsoft Azure, Docker, SonarQube, Cypress, etc. 
  • Learning: We believe in lifelong learning and encourage everyone to read books, go to conferences, and take courses. We want to invest in everyone’s future development, and so we make the necessary resources available to support this. From time to time we also host meetups. 
  • Flexible: We have strongly distributed team across multiple offices and boarders. All meetings and work happen online. This gives us a lot of freedom for remote work and flexibility when e.g. your child is sick, or you need to stay home. 


Technologies we use 

  • Backend: .NET, .NET Core, C#, Web API, Entity Framework, VSTO, etc. 
  • Frontend: React, Redux, TypeScript, CRA, Sass, yarn, WPF, etc. 
  • Testing: Cypress, TypeScript, etc. 
  • Hosting: 100% Azure, Web Apps, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Azure SQL, Azure Service Bus, Application Insights, Azure Data Lake, etc.. 
  • What you bring in: We are not afraid of new technologies, and are hosting internal tech-sessions to discuss these and how they can make sense in our product.



  • Work closely with a department of more than 35 talented software developers, testers, and the rest of the business, all of whom are passionate about helping to create international success. 
  • Work with new technology and agile development processes. 
  • Work on a product that is an essential part of hundreds of thousands of users' daily workflow. 
  • Competitive salary and pension.
  • Family friendly environment and office hours. 
  • Bi-annual company events and a Friday bar on the first Friday of every month and board game events after work. 

All in all, at Templafy you’ll get a combination of stable working conditions, great colleagues, and genuine entrepreneurship in an equal opportunity workplace. 


About you  

You have 5-7 years of experience with automated testing of web applications in an Agile process. You have a good understanding of structure and architecture which enables you to identify room for improvement in the testing and QA field.

You are highly quality-oriented and passionate about staying on top of new technologies. You always stay up to date on what happens in the world of automated testing, and like to experiment with new ways of doing things, and new technologies related to testing. 

You are very experienced with modern JavaScript/TypeScript framework for testing web applications. It could be puppeteer,, Selenium, nightwatch, testcafe or protractor. If you have practical experience with Cypress, it’s a big plus. 

Also, we would prefer if you have experience with integration of automated tests into a Continous Integration or Continuous Deployment pipeline (Experience with Azure Piplines is a plus).



We are hiring continuously as our team is growing constantly. As part of the job interview, you will have to take part in an online session which consists of two parts: 

  • Theoretical - where you will discuss generic approaches and processes in the software testing industry based on your experience. 
  • Practical – where you will be asked to pair program an automated test with Cypress and TypeScript (over a screensharing session). We will then discuss along the way techniques, structure and best practices directly on the code we will be writing. We will provide the tooling and a playground environment. 

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