The Role

As a Messaging Operations Specialist, you'll work in a fast-paced environment as part of a team of engineers and operational specialists to support Telnyx’s SMS/MMS platform.

You'll work with the Product Manager to help onboard new and existing messaging customers, identify and troubleshoot bugs, provide guidance on messaging best practices both from a technical and a regulatory perspective, and ensure operational continuity. You will also manage customer and vendor facing escalations, improve operational processes from a day to day perspective as well as proactively ensuring the highest deliverability for our customers. You'll consistently remain available and responsive, ensuring that the function operates at optimum efficiency. 

You will work with a team of in-house and remote team members spanning across multiple time zones. You will establish and maintain key metrics and data visualization tools to understand how departmental improvements can be made.

In This Role You Will Need to:
  • Be responsible for messaging operations - One of the most important processes in telecommunications, as it is often the first impression given to a new potential customer.
  • You’re analytical, with advanced Microsoft Excel and experience with using SQL to run queries.
  • Work in conjunction with carriers and vendors and escalate issues where needed.
  • Project manage across different aspects of the operation.
  • Develop and manage message deliverability analytics and reporting to present customer insights regularly.
  • Work in conjunction with carriers and vendors to ensure SLAs are met.
  • Become the go-to SME, working cross-functionally with Product Engineers and the Growth teams to ensure that internal and external product is improved and scaled in line with growth.
  • Maintain an elite attention to detail and open communication internally and externally.
  • Create, implement and iterate on processes to proactively ensure maximum uptime for our customers.
You May Be Fit For This Role If You Have:
  • Have 1+ years of experience in telecom or at a SaaS company, previous experience in software Integration Engineering, Technical Support, or Sales Engineering.
  • You are a technical and process-focused person who loves to build operations that benefit the company.
  • Have excellent written and verbal English.
  • Have strong follow-through on all projects and proven ability to bring projects to a timely completion.
  • Gritty, hard-work and career focused. You love working in a tough and dynamic environment and strive from learning new things.
  • Have a technical background in troubleshooting:
Bonus Points for:
  • Knowledge of VoIP protocols, networking, and telecommunication industry standards is helpful.
  • Understanding of tshark, wireshark, tcpdump, dumpcap, mergecap is also a plus.
  • Python programming experience to aid in spotting bugs in our microservices. 
  • Previous experience working with Jira, Zendesk, Intercom, DOMO and/or Tableau.
What It Is Like To Work At Telnyx 

Telnyx is a complex machine with a simple purpose: connect people. We are an intelligent telephony engine, the beating heart of the Telnyx service that routes data along the pathways of our global, private network. We are drop-in APIs for hooking applications into our products, and an administrator portal that puts unprecedented control of configuring and orchestrating the Telnyx service into our customers’ hands.

We’re also an organization of industry experts and engineers focused on solving problems and building solutions. We’re a concierge customer success team and a 24/7 product support team. We’re a communications partner, focused on agile and endless innovation, not a telecom slogged in antiquated processes and anti-competitive regulation. We keep the conversation going: the always-on, omnichannel, enriched conversation that the modern world demands.
Communications are coming untethered from devices, and more and more, they’re migrating into our everyday platforms: our social media, our work applications, and our collaboration tools. But, that move started before there was infrastructure to support it—the modern internet will never offer the speed and consistency that real-time communications require. So, we built a network that does and a cloud platform tuned for real-time communications at every layer. Telnyx is the connective matrix, a worldwide nervous system, a high-speed rail tunneling through the information superhighway. We’re the foundation for calls, texts and messaging today, for the internet of things, augmented reality and “communitainment” tomorrow, and for whatever enterprising imaginations can dream up after that.

We’re Telnyx. We’re the future of communications.
At Telnyx, we're looking for people with passion, grit, and integrity. You're encouraged to apply even if your experience doesn't precisely match the job description. Your skills and passion will stand out—and set you apart—especially if your career has taken some extraordinary twists and turns. At Telnyx, we welcome diverse perspectives and people who think rigorously and aren't afraid to challenge assumptions. Join us. 

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