About Telnyx

Telnyx is building the global telco of the future. We have deployed an international private software-defined network, with multiple tier-1 interconnects, leveraging all major cloud service providers to deliver a voice and messaging solution with carrier-grade reliability. We sell our services in a totally automated fashion, allowing our users to programmatically scale their voice and messaging on-demand.

In addition to providing service and software in major North American and European markets, we are expanding to Asia and are developing a wireless product that will provide licensed spectrum access to our infrastructure.

Telnyx has forty employees (75% engineers) between our Chicago, IL office, Dublin, Ireland office and remote team. We have actual revenue traction, meaningful sequential monthly growth, and a massive addressable market.

Here is a link to a video describing some of the projects that our Engineering team is currently working on. 

Joining Our Team

At Telnyx, we are working to globally democratize access to real-time communications over the internet. We are building a future where voice, messaging, and wireless services can act as building blocks to facilitate high-fidelity, secure, and modern modes of communication.

No matter where you're based, or which team you work on, you’ll be part of a group of people working together to build solutions to mission-critical problems and a company that values the very best ideas. People rely on our products to communicate daily, which means they rely on us to build things with a high degree of resiliency and reliability.

The Telnyx product engineering team is a group of engineers who are passionate about building highly distributed end-to-end products and backend systems that customers interact with every day. The product team is R&D focused and is driving new features and services across communication processing and delivery to the actual client-facing APIs. We use Python 2.7+ and leverage technologies such as Postgres (with Psycopg2), Twisted, Cassandra, Spark, and RabbitMQ.

What we're looking for:
  • Expertise in Python.
  • Experience with large-scale production databases and major cloud services.
  • Familiarity with micro-service architectures.
  • Highly proficient in a Linux environment. 
  • Experience with PostgreSQL.
What’s nice to have:
  • Proven track record of shipping projects.
  • Experience building highly distributed systems.
  • Familiarity with Twisted and Go is a plus.
  • 3+ years of Python experience. 

Our Guiding Principles

We wrote these principles to be actionable, to inform decision-making and to provide a sense of what’s important and what’s right. We live our values every day. They guide how we hire, train, measure and reward each other.

Stay gritty

Do more with less. We are creative problem solvers that always use constraints to our advantage.

Leverage the experience of others

Avoid unnecessary detours by learning from the mistakes and successes of others. Those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it.

Improve continually

Perfection is the enemy of progress. Always ask “why.” Think big, start small, collect data, and iterate quickly.

Work together

Seek exponential gains in our work by improving the lives of colleagues and customers.

Practice diligence

Measure twice and cut once. Plan thoughtfully, always have someone double-check your work, and take deliberate action.

Spread integrity

Be transparent and honest. Give direct feedback.

Take action

Err on the side of action.No one is above any task; take ownership and get things done.

Think forward

Always think about what you can do today to put the company in the best position in the future.

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