tech co. believes that a more equitable world will be built by people with organizing superpowers. To achieve this vision, we are building one seamless, intuitive, and intelligent platform that integrates data, tools, and experiences to give anyone those superpowers. Our customers are organizations engaged in political and social advocacy that drive big change over the long-term using a portfolio of strategies on a multi-partisan basis. Most importantly, our customers believe that people organizing in their communities are the ultimate agents of durable change.

Our Chief Technology Officer will have experience with crafting technology architectures and roadmaps that enable ambitious product visions, for recruiting and empowering elite engineers motivated by our important mission, for leading an organization that allows those engineers to do their finest work, and for ensuring that the production systems you oversee are bulletproof when they are needed most. While our product vision requires a variety of technologies, from mobile apps to enterprise software tools, our CTO will have a particular passion for solving large-scale data engineering challenges.

As Chief Technology Officer, you will be an integral part of a close-knit executive team. At tech co. we believe deeply in the power of experimentation and data to prove what actually drives impact, whether in the strategies and tactics our customers employ or the behaviors that our tools enable. We are ultimately a science-driven organization. As CTO, you will unify our engineering team with our research, data, design, and product teams in a rigorous, experimental approach to our work.

As Chief Technology Officer, you will oversee the entire Engineering function. You will prioritize with team members, stakeholders, and customers to ensure that everyone is empowered, focused, and aligned. Your engineering team will operate using full development lifecycles, automation, and with exceptional standards in writing clear, maintainable, and testable code.

If you're highly motivated, super passionate about our democracy, and want to join a team that is looking to build great things together, tech co. may be for you. Even better if you think like an entrepreneur, bring creative solutions, and can obsess about customers. This is a full-time position. tech co. is a remote first company.


  • Work with product, data, research, and design to identify the needs, constraints, and priorities for our production environment.
  • Set a vision for technical architecture and environments for the company; provide the context and strategy so team members can make good decisions independently.
  • Ensure that engineering resources meet the company's short and long-term needs. Cultivate a pipeline of diverse and high quality talent. Manage technology budgets and time frames.
  • Act as a leader and mentor to all engineers, with an emphasis on Engineering Managers and Principal and Lead Engineers.
  • Serve as a force multiplier for great engineers through inspiration and their confidence in your ability to consistently solve hard problems.
  • Create priorities and timelines for the development and deployment of all technological services.
  • Make executive decisions on behalf of the company's engineering requirements.
  • Stay on top of product and technology trends and developments and provide the company direction on technology best practices like testing, SDLC, and support.
  • Partner with our privacy and ethics team to ensure all technology practices adhere to regulatory and ethical standards.


  • Experience as a CTO, VP of Engineering, or Principal Engineer in a data-centric organization, managing and leading data engineering teams, with a track record of achieving project goals and meeting deadlines while fostering a healthy team environment.
  • Exceptional engineering skills.
  • Experience recruiting elite teams and unlocking their full potential. A track record of providing direct and constructive feedback and helping employees develop their skills and careers.
  • Ability to synthesize the latest ideas in data science, engineering, consumer marketing, organizing, and advocacy strategies into a clear, inspiring, and achievable technical architecture and engineering roadmap.
  • Experience modernizing legacy systems.
  • Strong problem solving skills as well as the ability to manage several tasks and projects concurrently and prioritize work effectively.
  • Strategic thinking and strong business acumen.
  • Excellent communicator and public speaker.

tech co. is an equal opportunity employer that encourages diversity across all spectrums in its hiring. If you find this role interesting and you hit on the elements above, please apply!

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