Mobot is a QA-as-a-service platform using actual mechanical robots to automate software testing on real mobile devices. Mobot's human-supervised robots make it possible to automate mobile app tests that emulators, virtual devices, and existing frameworks can't. This approach eliminates thousands of hours of manual testing, increases testing efficiency and physical device coverage, and captures more bugs in-app before app store launches than software can do alone.

Our mission is to revolutionize the way engineering teams test & develop their products. We work with software teams in all kinds of industries – mobile, e-commerce, FinTech, health, and IoT (to name a few) – providing automated testing of their mobile products and smart devices. 

We’ve raised money from world-class B2B enterprise SaaS investors, including Cota Capital, Heavybit, Uncorrelated, Primary Venture Partners, Bling Capital, Y Combinator, and more.

If joining a high-performing, incredibly fun, and creative team sounds like something you'd love, take a look through our current openings. We're always looking for amazing talent, and we'd love to chat.

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New York, New York, United States