About the role

As a member of the Tasman team, you will work with our clients to execute their data strategy.

As you develop, you will also have the opportunity to:

  • Work with our clients to develop their data strategy;

  • Write for our blog and present at conferences on how we approach analytics and data science (building both your and our profile in the industry);

  • Work on advanced data science or data engineering problems, like:

    • Designing event grammars and analytics layers for different business contexts;

    • Developing, testing, and productionising data models (using SQL and dbt/Dataform);

    • Setting up and maintaining data model infrastructure (Airflow, Dataform, etc);

    • Designing experiments to measure the impact of updated campaigns, features, or content;

    • Analysing the data generated by experiments and presenting results to business stakeholders;

    • Discovering insights and identify new business opportunities through the use of statistical, algorithmic, and visualisation techniques;

    • Going deep on driver analysis leveraging historical data to predict decisions that improve business efficiency (like conversions, customer retention);

    • Matching users to products/experiences to deliver relevant, personalised content thus improving the marketing efficacy of the business by leveraging customer similarities, developing customer segments, and recommendation engines;.

You will learn to

  • Define and deliver analytics projects for a wide range of companies;

  • Translate strategic business needs into specific technical tasks;

  • Function in an agile environment where process is an important part of project delivery;

    • Set up analytics infrastructure for small to mid-sized companies:

    • Set up and run sophisticated data pipelines on all 3 cloud platforms;

    • Set up and use BI tools (e.g. Looker, Indicative and Redash);

    • Design and implement data models that provide the foundation for KPI reporting and data science;

  • Access the data in database (e.g. Redshift, Snowflake, and BigQuery) and real-time (Elasticsearch, Kafka, and Kinesis);

  • Understand the chain between clean data collection, descriptive data science and predictive modeling;

  • How clean data is crucial for any machine learning application.


You are excited to learn about data science and are interested in learning new tools and technologies.

  • You are interested in how businesses operate and how data science is used to improve decision making.

  • You are self-motivated and prefer to learn by doing, failing and trying again.

  • You are a clear thinker who is comfortable explaining their thinking, discussing different approaches to a problem, and working collaboratively and creatively to identify new solutions.

  • You are a good communicator who is able to work directly with data analysts, data scientists, engineers, product managers, marketers, and executive teams–being able to communicate with clarity and precision is of critical importance to this role.

  • You have a quantitative background (BSc or MSc in Maths, Physics, Engineering, Economics, ...).

  • You have strong technical skills. You need to be proficient at performing data analysis in any kind of programmatic analysis tool. Prior experience with SQL or any programming language, whilst valuable, is not necessary.

  • You have a can-do attitude to learning new skills and new tools in the data science landscape. Not only do we have to keep abreast of the state-of-the-art, we also have to adapt sometimes to clients’ toolsets.

  • You have a mature attitude to documentation, security and process–all of which are important and inform everything we do.

  • You are able and willing to travel for work (up to 25% of the time).

  • You are comfortable working in a remote work environment. This role is for someone based in Amsterdam but our team is all distributed across Europe.

We are open to people applying directly from university who have done at least one internship as well as candidates with 1 to 3 years experience.

We are not interested in working with recruiters or recruitment agencies.


You'll get to work with an experienced team, all of whom have a deep insight in how data science can transform businesses. Coaching and mentoring is an important part of the road to success for us. You'll also get:

  • A competitive package with share options
  • 25 days holidays (on top of public holidays)
  • A latest generation MacBook Pro
  • A budget for home office

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