Tanius's infrastructure has been growing at a breakneck pace lately, and we are actively looking for a developer with a focus on operations. We are looking for someone who enjoys bringing order to chaos and automating everything they can see. 

Because you work alongside the people using the systems you build, it’s easy to get feedback. You’ll quickly see the impact of your code and how it improves people’s daily work. This also means that the development team enjoys great flexibility when planning roadmaps and deciding which features to implement.

Desired Skills and Requirements

  • BS in Computer Science or Computer Engineering (or equivalent experience)
  • Experience programming in Python
  • Network experience
  • No previous finance experience required, but experience managing some infrastructure in AWS is a must
  • Linux Guru
  • Experience in deploying Linux at large scale (Ansible / containerization etc)
  • Ability to juggle a lot of priorities and continuously deliver

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