At Tanius we have a high standard. Our people come in each day ready to work hard, adapt to new challenges, and find solutions. We are looking for motivated individuals to develop and test new trading systems. Your role will include using the latest machine learning techniques to analyze mountains of market data and apply them to new and existing trading models.

As a researcher you will work closely with traders and developers to analyze market data and trading strategies, and develop new ways to approach the market.

You need to have a working skillset in programming, preferably python, with some exposure to C/C++ or other compiled languages. On the statistics side, you will need a working knowledge of statistics and linear algebra.

Tanius maintains a large suite of tools to enable fast, iteratable research, including very large on premise clusters for optimization and fitting as well as a suite of programmatic apis to our custom tick database and fitting systems. Whatever research you are doing, we'll be able to help scale it quickly.

This position will be tailored to employ your strengths. We are looking for self-starters with a passion for trading.

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