About Synchron

Synchron is developing a platform of brain interface technology that transmits data in and out of the brain via devices implanted inside cerebral blood vessels using minimally invasive endovascular procedures (Neuro-Intervention).

As a leader in brain-to-machine communication, Synchron is poised to create a significant impact in its industry and to meaningfully impact many peoples’ lives. Whilst the company’s technology is maturing fast (4 clinical trial participants have already benefited from the first-generation device), there is an opportunity to help shape the company’s direction and to work in a dynamic, multi-disciplinary and growing team.

We are a lean, fast-paced, passionate team pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the neurotech space to dramatically improve the quality of life of millions of people globally, and we want you to join us.

Reimbursement Manager

We are looking for an ambitious reimbursement manager looking to help carve the pathway for the first implantable brain computer interface to market. It is a great opportunity to have a major impact for patients, in a completely new category of medical devices. We are looking for someone to grow with the company. For more information, please apply!

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