Are you looking for an opportunity to apply your skills and talent to spark both innovation and positive social change? Symend is a rapidly growing fintech company that combines behavioral science with advanced AI, data, and analytics capabilities to enable companies to engage at-risk customers more effectively and humanely. By creating better ways to approach individuals with empathy and dignity at the time when they need it most, Symend’s employees are helping to transform the science of customer engagement and improve lives in North America and around the world.

The Opportunity

This role is a good fit for you if:
  • You want to get into a fast-paced organization that is accelerating its growth and is dedicating energy to massive cloud-scale architecture!
  • You’re the kind of person that likes a good challenge, is ready to roll up your sleeves and dig into the problem.
  • You’re not just a pen-on-paper architect. You’re knee-deep in the code, you prototype your own solutions, and you’re there in the trenches to make adjustments to your architecture IRL.
  • You’re ready to provide guidance to fellow architects and engineers and you’ll take the time to help make a positive difference.
  • Equally, you're open-minded and are seasoned enough to know you don't have all the answers. You're ready to accept guidance from fellow architects and engineers.
  • You understand that perfect is the enemy of good, but you maintain a high bar for "good enough".
  • You’re ready to jump in and help out when things go sideways.
  • You understand the value of good design up front while avoiding analysis paralysis. You draft architecture diagrams, data models and artifacts to socialize your ideas and get alignment.
  • You’re collaborative and you understand the value of clear and concise communication, ensuring your manager, your peers and your team are all aware of the challenges and solution options.

What You'll Be Doing

  • Develop and deliver long-term strategic goals for the data architecture vision and standards in conjunction with leaders, fellow architects, product managers, program managers, development teams and other key stakeholders;
  • Incorporate sustainability considerations into the solutions designed, including documentation, business processes and monitoring;
  • Incorporate scalability considerations into the solutions designed, including system scalability (throughput, speed/latency, compute, storage) and business scalability (automation capabilities, repeatability, legibility, user experience);
  • Spike / prototype solutions to validate ideas before cementing them;
  • Is actively engaged in a feedback loop with teams that are implementing the solutions (including design reviews, peer reviews, sprint planning, sprint demo/retros, validation exercises, etc.)
  • Remain aware of emerging technologies and considers the appropriateness of the technology in the solution stack;
  • Balance the overhead of technology sprawl with capability limitations of existing systems;
  • Provide clear reasoning & rationale for any decision, along with alternate considerations, so that everyone in the sphere of influence can learn from the decision;
  • Is always willing to mentor and teach aspiring teammates;
  • Ensure that the data architectures and standards are being adhered to through architecture governance and quality assurance processes
  • You draw various behavior and communication patterns from your toolbox because you have been / acted as / worn the hat of:
    • a software engineer
    • a data engineer
    • a business analyst
    • an enterprise architect
    • a solution architect
  • You will demonstrate end-to-end thinking of your solutions across multiple value streams and value chains, and you are perpetually thinking about 2nd and 3rd order effects of your decisions.
  • Have worked with many database systems and patterns, including most of the following concepts & patterns:
    relational databases (eg. SQL Server), OLTP, OLAP, in-memory systems (eg. Analysis Services), data caches (eg. Redis), data virtualization (eg. Denodo), wide table patterns (eg. Bigtable), document databases (eg. Mongo), noSQL and not-only-SQL patterns, data lake patterns (eg. ADLS), big data patterns, streaming data patterns, messaging queues (eg. Mulesoft), massive parallel processing including decoupled storage and compute (eg. Snowflake).
  • Collaborative with a can-do attitude;
  • Experience as a data modeler / data shaper, data architect, solution architect, senior software or data engineer;
  • Solid understanding of SDLC practices;
  • Track record for being detail-oriented with a demonstrated ability to self-motivate, make decisions with incomplete information, building bridges with other teams and follow-through on commitments;
  • Strong problem-solving skills; the ability to analyze problems and develop actionable and appropriate tactical plans quickly while continuing to build strategic plans and keeping everything aligned;
  • Ability to communicate effectively with both technical and non-technical audiences;
  • Exceptional interpersonal and relationship management skills;
  • Demonstrate effectiveness working across multiple business units to achieve results
  • Inquisitive, passionate about delivery of software and data solutions, willing to take an extra step to ensure success.

What You'll Need

  • 3+ years of broad experience across cloud platforms;
  • 10+ years of hands-on experience as a software or data engineer;
  • 8+ years of architecture at any level;
  • 5+ years of strategic architecture in a service-oriented data-driven software product organization;
  • Experience making decisions and recommendations on technically complex issues;
  • Experience across most of the patterns and technologies described in the above sections;
  • Experience in the DevOps methodology of the SDLC and the agile, iterative product release cycle;
  • Experience in functional, OOP or REPL programming languages an asset.

Key Skills and Competencies

You are very well versed with hands-on practical experience in most of the following concepts and patterns at large scale:

  • Big Data patterns
  • Data virtualization patterns
  • General NoSQL patterns
  • Document Database patterns
  • Graph Database patterns
  • Lambda patterns
  • Streaming patterns
  • Data Warehouse, Analysis & BI patterns
  • Data Science, ML & AI patterns
  • Master Data Management patterns
  • Data Discovery, Data Dictionary, Data Catalogue patterns
  • Data indexing, partitioning & sharding
  • Data service & abstraction layers
  • RT, NRT, Bulk data operations
  • Interfaces for serving a variety of consumers including analysts, ML tools, BI tools, webhooks, APIs, message queues, etc.
  • Interfaces for collecting data from a variety of sources including microservice outputs, streams, databases, APIs, message queues, etc.
All positions require background screening. This will include criminal and education checks to comply with regulations.
Why Symend?
We could tell you all about our competitive compensation, flexible work environment, social Fridays, and awesome team events, but working at Symend is so much more than that!
Working at Symend means being part of a driven and collaborative team that values trust, accountability and continuous learning. We work hard, but always make time for fun!
You get the chance to do work that matters on a product that truly changes lives!
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About Symend
Symend’s digital engagement platform uses behavioral science and data-driven insights to empower customers to resolve past due bills. Leveraging advanced analytics, Symend provides enterprise clients deep understanding into consumer behavior to engage millions of customers. Symend continuously optimizes these insights and empathetically nudges customers towards a desired action with personalized communications, self-serve tools and flexible repayment options.
Symend’s relationship-based approach keeps enterprises attuned to the changing needs of their customers and empowers them to take action. This increases customer satisfaction, lowers operating costs, and helps resolve past due bills before reaching collections.
Founded in 2016, Symend’s platform is purpose built to serve complex global enterprises in telecommunications, financial services, utilities and media. Symend is headquartered in Calgary and privately held, with global operations across Canada, the United States, Latin America and Asia-Pacific.
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