Help us build our Python SDK and Runtime that allows our customers to create security and privacy workflows that perfectly fit their team. We’re convinced that giving developers building blocks to automate best practices will help teams genuinely improve security from first principles rather than fall into “checkbox security” patterns.

About the team:

We're a diverse and geographically distributed team that loves working with customers, collaborating on tough technical problems, and posting pictures of our pets, kids, and fresh haircuts in Slack.

We care deeply about building a workforce and culture that is inclusive and equitable for people of all backgrounds and experiences. Because of this, we particularly encourage people from communities that tend to be underrepresented to apply, including women, people of color, and LGBTQ people.

As a team, we’re excited to help companies up their security and privacy game without getting in their way. If you find this rapidly-growing space important and exciting, we can’t wait to hear from you! We also want you to know that you can be a great candidate even if you don't perfectly fit the mold we describe below… and you can have important skills we haven't even thought of yet! If that's you, don't hesitate to apply and tell us about yourself.

Some things about you that might make this a great role for you:

  • Building an engine that can support dynamically configured workflows at scale sounds fun! And maybe a little scary too.
  • You appreciate the benefits of X-as-code (infrastructure, policy, pipelines, etc.). Exploring how to apply this concept to human-in-the-loop workflows sounds super interesting.
  • You like building systems and the tools to support those systems—no handing things over the wall to an ops team for you!
  • You thrive in the quick pace of a startup, eager to jump in and figure things out.
  • You are an advocate for your users. You make sure the software you deliver doesn’t just check the boxes, but provides a thoughtful end user experience.
  • You’ve got some experience building things in a dynamically-typed language like Python, Ruby, or JavaScript. (We use Python, but we can help you get up to speed.)
  • You’ve got some knowledge of AWS and Terraform, and maybe you’ve dabbled with GCP and Azure as well.
  • You like the idea of joining an early team where you can influence product direction along with company culture and strategy.

Things you may be working on in your first six months:

  • Continue building out our backend platform in Python that can execute user-configured workflows. 
  • Iterate on our CLI, SDK and Terraform provider to create and deploy workflows that address customer needs. 
  • Collaborate with the team to understand a customer need, define the work to address it, and then lead the project. 
  • Spend time speaking with customers and prospects to understand their needs and support them when they run into problems.

About the company:

Sym helps engineers create the perfect security and privacy workflows for their teams. We provide the building blocks to roll out controls that match your team’s tools and processes, while ensuring you meet your compliance requirements.

We ship a Terraform provider and Python framework that lets infrastructure teams roll out templated, compliance-friendly security & privacy workflows to their organizations. This can help our customers achieve compliance with standards such as HIPAA and SOC 2.

We’re a venture-backed company with offices in Boston and San Francisco and team members across the US. Our mission is to empower teams to build the best products in any compliance environment.


Sym is committed to providing an exceptional remote first work environment to support our team members. We have a dedicated Wellness Taskforce that meets monthly to evaluate team morale, identify team needs, and continuously advance the charter we've built around supporting great people so they’re free to do the best work of their careers.

  • Company sponsored health insurance plans (Health, Dental & Vision Plans)
  • Pre-tax incentives: HSA, FSA, Commuter Benefit & 401K
  • Workspace stipends for WFH set-up
  • Unlimited PTO/Sick Days
  • Twice-a-year company offsites to hang out with everyone in person (and do a little work together too)
  • Regular company-wide remote social activities: interactive games, meditations, lunch & learns, book clubs, etc.
  • Monthly health & wellness stipends and healthy snack boxes
  • Learning stipends for professional development


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