Value Chain Manager

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 The Value Chain Manager has five main responsibilities:

  • Oversee all of sweetgreen’s direct relationships with local growers/producers: Manage a team of highly skilled Value Chain Coordinators (VCCs). Cultivate new and maintain established relationships with our local grower communities in each of our regions. Support the grower community beyond our transactional purchases.
  • Create processes to ensure sweetgreen continues to support small & medium sized growers at scale: Responsible for building a sustainable system of small, medium, and large growers at scale that maintains a fair cost structure, does not disrupt product flow to sweetgreen stores, and accounts for the company’s anticipated growth schedule.
  • Own the cost, quality, and food safety implications of our sourcing strategy: As the system of small, medium, and large growers is built out, project the cost implications of the model. Protect our guests by implementing strict food safety standards with all local suppliers. Create processes to ensure that our fresh food is also consistently top quality.
  • Migrate our sourcing to support regional cuisine: By region, lay out availability of local products in a way that re-shapes sweetgreen’s approach to seasonality. Working closely with the Food & Beverage team, create dishes that highlight what items present themselves in each food shed.
  • Support sustainable agriculture, systematically: Support the grower community beyond the reach of sweetgreen by understanding the national needs of the farming community. Then, set out and execute a plan of consulting with growers, influencing policy makers, collaborating with other organizations within the food space to create a lasting impact.

Desired Traits

  • Present the creativity to build an unparalleled food supply chain that supports farmers, sweetgreen, and our customers
  • Demonstrate a willingness to relentlessly pursue the sweetgreen mission
  • Possess leadership skills to run a national team that will be advocating for both the success of sweetgreen as well as the grower
  • Place the team’s success before individual accolades
  • Desire to leave a lasting impact on the food supply chain beyond the business purposes of sweetgreen

Some Expected 2017 Deliverables

  • Rapidly increase clarity of our current supply chain
  • Create a three-year plan that weighs the potential achievable value chain impact against the costs to achieve those wins
  • Ensure that the supply from local growers is preserved, either by creating an aggregation strategy or by other means
  • Own the direct relationships with growers in emerging sweetgreen markets

Desired Experience

  • Multi-year experience managing a polycrop vegetable farm, or for a regional aggregator of local food products
  • Bachelor's degree with technical background in Environmental Health, Food Science, Agriculture, or Supply Chain related course of study or equivalent experience
  • Experience moving perishable product through distribution channels
  • Systematic crop planning
  • Ability to influence food policies at both the state and national levels

About Us

sweetgreen is a seasonal fast-casual restaurant company on a mission to change the way people think about food. With a strong sense of passion and purpose, we’re working to revolutionize our industry and the food system. We make delicious, real food from scratch in our kitchens every day, which supports local farmers and helps us create authentic, meaningful connections with our guests.

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