Sweeten is a fast-growing, award-winning tech company founded by three trained architects. We're a team of super-ambitious, fun-loving people who are working to bring together the worlds of construction, design, and tech. We're creating trust and transparency in the $400B renovation industry by building the go-to marketplace for major renovations. 

We are seeking an illustrator to help us round out a large-scale rebrand. This is kind of like an open call — we’ll review the work you send and reach out to a small group of illustrators to complete a paid trial to get a sense of how your style would blend with our new branding. We’ll work with the chosen illustrator to develop a full set of illustrations and iconography to use throughout our product and marketing. 

What you’ll do:

  • Work closely over a condensed period of time with Sweeten’s design team to develop a distinct illustration style and create a full set of branded illustrations and iconography to use throughout our digital product and marketing. 
  • Illustrations will feature representations of general contractors and renovation clients, interior spaces/rooms, using our digital product, 
  • After creating the initial set of drawings for our website and apps, we’ll contact you periodically for additional illustrations. 

What we’re looking for:

  • Line-based drawings with unique style
  • Minimal, restrained color use
  • Able to bridge technical and more imaginative subjects in simple drawings
  • Diverse and inclusive human character representation
  • Overall minimalistic style
  • Refined and refreshing

To apply:

  • Send a small selection of relevant work in PDF form (attach as cover letter)
  • Provide a resume with contact information
  • Provide a link to larger portfolio
  • Provide information about your rates for illustration 

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