Looking for a summer internship that’s so outside the box, it’s in another dimension? Become a Survios Intern in our multi-discipline Internship Program and get an in-depth professional experience that exposes you to a whole new reality!

As Survios’s paid summer internship program enters its fourth year, we’re thrilled to welcome a new crop of talented artists, engineers, and designers into the fold for the most in-depth game internship in the industry! In our Los Angeles offices, you’ll dive headfirst into the ever-evolving, sometimes chaotic, and always awesome world of VR game development. With seasoned professionals and industry veterans as your mentors, you’ll work directly with  development teams on the most exciting projects in our pipeline while bonding with your fellow interns in fun team-building events outside of work.

At Survios, we helped bring VR into the mainstream with the global #1-selling sci-fi shooter Raw Data; the technologically innovative, official eSport Sprint Vector; revolutionary music creation experience Electronauts; and blockbuster boxing game CREED: Rise to Glory—all backed by the most successful funding rounds in the industry. And as a Survios intern, you’ll be an integral part of the team that’s not just making VR for now, but working to bring the future of technology into today. From engineers to artists, we provide the perfect creative environment for fostering tomorrow’s top gaming talent. Bring your own ideas and innovations to the table and work alongside Survios’ seasoned veterans to conceptualize and prototype the next wave of must-play VR games and experiences.


This is a 13-week, on-site internship at Survios HQ in Los Angeles, California, from May 13-August 9, 2019.


  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Applicants must be currently attending or recently graduated from high school/secondary school or college.
  • Game development intern applicants must have a working knowledge of Unreal Engine 4. These will be the main development tools used during the course of the internship.


International applications will be considered based on availability of U.S. Visitor Visas or other temporary Visa arrangements.


  • January 1: Applications open.
  • March 29: Applications and tests due.
  • April 12: Interns selected and notified.
  • May 13: First day of internship program. Interns must report to Survios HQ in Los Angeles.
  • August 9: Last day of internship program. 


  • Fill out the Online Application below —including your resume, a personal statement, and any relevant project links.
  • Complete our Game Prototype Test:
    • Complete our Game Prototype Test:
    • Build a simple game prototype in Unreal Engine 4 (no collaborations, please).
      The prototype must be fun and replayable. The game doesn’t have to be too intricate. Simple capsules and programmer art are fine. We’re looking for fun and interactivity!
    • Core Requirements:
      • Use Unreal Engine 4.21.2
      • This should be made in a C++ project. Please write all the core logic in C++.
        • Healthy mix of Blueprints is still recommended, particularly as it pertains to cosmetics, UI, animation etc.
      • Use this test to demonstrate your understanding of the various frameworks and tools that are available in Unreal Engine. For example:
        • Use Behavior Trees for AI
        • Use UMG for UI
      • Use this test to also demonstrate your ability to design and implement clean, modular and extensible systems.
      • Bonus points:
        • Networked multiplayer
    • Prompts:
      • Infinite Runner
        • Suggested perspective: overhead behind the player, who is running forward away from the camera (vertically up the screen).
        • Other than simply moving left/right, player should have other abilities that help avoid obstacles/get more points.
        • Different types of obstacles
        • Local high score leaderboard
      • 3D Platformer
        • Gameplay inspiration: Mario/Crash Bandicoot
        • Some kind of gimmick that makes the game more than just running and jumping For example:
          • Portal Gun
          • Bounce Pads
          • Slingshot
          • Changing gravity direction
        • Multiple enemy types
        • Different types of obstacles
        • Local high score leaderboard
      • First-Person Shooter
        • Multiple weapons. Example variations:
          • Ray hitscan vs projectile
          • Single shot vs automatic
          • Instant damage vs damage over time
        • Some kind of gimmick that makes the game more than just running and gunning. For example:
          • Portal Gun
          • Bounce Pads
          • Slingshot
        • Multiple enemy types
        • Different types of obstacles
        • Local high score leaderboard
    • Complete and submit our timed Game Development Quiz (60 questions in 30 minutes): This link will be sent to you via email after you submit your application. (Please note that the timer starts as soon as you begin.) Also, please note that this is a general quiz. It covers many topics, including computer science, art, tools and more. Your score will be judged relative to your specific discipline (ie. artist candidates are not expected to know computer science questions).
    • Please complete the quiz and submit your completed Game Prototype Test to by March 29, 2019.
      • In your email submission, please include a PUBLIC Google Drive/Dropbox link that is downloadable for anyone with an email address.
      • Submission must include all Unreal Engine project files and an executable that runs in the latest version of Unreal Engine 4 (4.21.2).

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