Position Summary:

Women are on the cusp of becoming the most powerful force in America. But to fundamentally transform this country, we need to pull together the millions of women and amplify and expand their civic engagement. SMEF is a new effort to build women’s power across the country by training and mobilizing a community of women of all backgrounds, races, and ages who will harness the power of women to work toward building women’s collective power to achieve equality in our community, workplaces, and government. We will provide women with the tools, resources, and knowledge they need to channel the energy and activism of this moment and build it into a long-term movement for change.

Our goal is to engage millions of women and others who share common values on the need to achieve gender equality. Supermajority Education Fund will provide the training and community-building to help people both stay engaged and also increase their skills and confidence as advocates and grassroots organizers. We seek to build a national cohort of leaders of all backgrounds, races and ages, representing the diversity of our country, who learn from us and from each other about the powerful possibility of women. Through ongoing exposure to leaders, community efforts and issue education, we will create a united force across America that can work together to create the will to make substantive progress on issues that affect millions of women – from reproductive equity to affordable child care to equal pay. Supermajority Education Fund was created out of the belief that women know how to solve these problems but we need a trained, organized and united national movement in order to make real lasting change.

SMEF is seeking experienced Organizing Associates to join a team of committed organizers and leaders. Reporting to the Deputy National Organizing Director, the Organizing Associates are utility players in the SMEF organizing program. They are primarily responsible for managing and mobilizing members and volunteer leaders throughout the country and supporting them with a concierge-level customer service to escalate their participation. They will provide the capacity to execute the objectives of the organizing program and be accountable to the program goals.

Supermajority Education Fund is seeking Organizing Associates who are skilled in relationship-building, interpersonal communication, and leadership development; and have experience  managing diverse volunteer teams.

Essential Responsibilities and Activities:

  • Serve as the first point of contact for active members and volunteers who sign up throughout the country to engage in the SMEF organizing program.
  • Recruit and onboard active members into a volunteer leader program
  • Provide concierge-level management and mobilization services at the national level with the ability to transition those relationships to other organizers as SMEF builds capacity.
  • Facilitate localized actions, including but not limited to organizational campaigns, rapid response moments, and principal travel
  • Assist in meeting broad goals for volunteer recruitment and leadership escalation.
  • Identify and develop volunteer leaders to manage the on-the-ground logistics related to volunteer events, canvass kick-offs, and other key asks of the national relational organizing program.
  • Serve as a utility player within the organizing program and be willing to add capacity to building and executing events, training, and assisting in making sure volunteers feel connected to SMEF.
  • Report, track, and record real time data; where appropriate ensure that members and volunteer leaders are doing the same. Track progress on goals to increase the size and engagement of the SMEF network.

The successful candidates must have the following skills and qualities:

  • Working for racial equity: Consistently integrate a deep understanding of key racial equity concepts into work projects and interactions by addressing structural implications and disproportionate impacts of policies, activities, and decisions on race, class and other group identities within the context of job responsibilities and projects. You have a commitment to the values of SMEF, most critically working with a workforce of all backgrounds, races, and ages, with sensitivity and appreciation for cultural differences.
  • Strong community organizer: Strong ability to build relationships with, coach, mentor, and motivate people. You are goal-oriented, self-disciplined, able to meet tight deadlines and multitask, and have experience organizing community leaders and empowering volunteer leaders.
  • Quick learner: Comfortable learning new technology for organizing and voter engagement that is critical to program implementation, training and tracking.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Comfortable working in fast-paced, changing environments with ability to maintain long, and sometimes irregular hours, plus occasional travel.
  • Strong virtual communication and collaboration: ​Efficiency and comfort with Slack and Google Suite, responsiveness via email, and willingness to participate in weekly group calls or as needed.

The most competitive candidates will demonstrate several of the following skills and experiences:

  • Savviness with relational organizing as a concept and the tools to execute
  • Experience working with organizations and community leaders in the women’s advocacy space.


The annual salary starts at $60,000 and is commensurate with experience.

How to Apply

Applications will be reviewed as they come in. Please submit a resume and answer the questions outlined below. The deadline to apply is Jan 21, 2020.

Application Questions:

  1. How do your goals and values match the work and mission of Supermajority?
  2. What does relational organizing mean to you and what’s one idea you have to recruit women to Supermajority who have never taken political action? What’s one idea you have to maintain volunteer engagement?
  3. Supermajority is committed to advancing racial equity. When you think about an organization that lives their commitment to equity in their day to day practice, what do you think that looks like, at both the individual and organizational level? Can you give us an example of a time that you have advocated for a disenfranchised group / individual in a work / community setting?

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 SMEF collaborates and shares resources with Sixteen Thirty Fund’s SM project.


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