Supergreat strives to bring people from all different backgrounds into our community for diverse perspectives, experiences, and to help us collectively make the best decisions for our business. Our mission is to create a social marketplace for shoppers to buy products from people they trust — where creators can grow and monetize off the content they love to make — and for brands to build their businesses and community. We want to create an authentic community of genuine beauty fans. A community for consumers to shop daily drops, for creators to express themselves without worrying about follower counts or judgement, and for viewers to discover new products from real people they relate to.

It is the only app that promotes authentic user generated content from beauty enthusiasts who are excited to share their own routines and favorite products for people that look like them. With so many beauty brands putting millions of dollars behind influencer collaborations and sponsored social media posts and reviews, Supergreat is disrupting the industry by allowing actual consumers to authentically promote products they like and use.

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iOS Engineer
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