We heard you might be looking for a new opportunity! sunday might be the perfect stop for you. Just in case you haven't heard, sunday is an exciting and thriving FinTech (or FunTech) startup that's changing the way payments are made in restaurants across the world. We are saving millions of people minutes at the end of their meal with the simple scan of a tiny 4x4cm QR code. The coolest thing is we are growing quickly and possibly have the perfect position for you.


🚀 Mission

At sunday we are creating the future of payments. In 3 years, no customer in a restaurant will raise their hand after a meal to ask for the bill. In 5 years, nobody will remember how we paid when there were no QR codes. 

  • $ 124M raised in less than six months
  • 300 employees in 5 countries (France, UK, Spain, US and Canada) 
  • An amazing tech team of 100 top performers 
  • 2800 restaurants signed: 150 cities in 5 markets
  • $ 4bn addressable GTV 

We are building our US tech team from scratch and we are looking for a Director of Engineering to lead our US expansion: with a strong team spirit, challenge-driven and willing to be part of a tremendously ambitious adventure. 

💪 Our challenges

Your first challenge will be to build your team from scratch: recruit top performant Software Engineers and Engineering Managers, create a strong team spirit, lead and help each member of the team grow.

You will have a key role in an international, lightspeed growing start-up, driving our expansion strategy in the US. 

Our US team will ensure integrations with different POS systems. We are already integrated with 25 POS: Clover, Epos Now, Zonal, Lightspeed Micros, NCR, and by the end of 2022 we will have 100 POS integrated all over the world, with a high level of security, great performance and availability. 

🛡 💻 The stack

We are using Typescript with React for our front-end and Java 16/17 with Spring Boot (and some parts in Node.js) for the backend. 

JVM Orientation (Java, Kafka), reactive, hexagonal architecture, CQRS, gRPC for APIs and firebase for authentification. 

For our persistence we are using mainly postgresql, but we also have some redis servers and a big query data store for analytics purposes. Our monitoring is handled through datadog.

And all of this is hosted on the GCP platform.

Our teams combine extreme programming / craftmanship philosophy with a strong delivery focus. Pair programming and TDD are at the heart of our methodology. 

🤗 Skills & Mindset

You have experience as a Director of Engineering/Senior Engineering Manager in a Fintech, start-up or scale-up environments, recruiting and building teams from scratch.

You are focused on business values, and you have strong leadership and strategic thinking skills.

You are looking for a place to shine: building a powerful product and a great team. 

You have a strong team spirit and experience helping your team grow. 

You have an entrepreneurial mindset, problem-solving skills and you are looking for a challenging environment that will enable you to grow.

You enjoy international environments: working with teams in Europe or elsewhere is part of what makes it fun!

🏖️ What we offer: Benefits

Great impact: you will contribute to the development of the new payment solution in the hospitality industry and beyond. 

Autonomy & responsibilities - A challenging environment with supportive colleagues and unlimited resources: a place to grow both technically and as an individual.

An inclusive environment

Stock options for everybody

Full flexibility -- Full remote, partial remote or 100% in office: your choice!

100% health coverage 

Free vacation policy 

4 month equal parental leave policy -- Why should it be otherwise?


#ServantLeadership, #Management3.0, #DDD, #TDD, #PairProgramming,  #GCP,

sunday is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, creed, color, sex, affectional or sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, gender, ethnicity, religion, national origin, ancestry, nationality, age, disability, marital status, veteran status, genetic information, or on any other basis prohibited by law (except where an attribute is a bona fide occupational qualification).

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