We heard you might be looking for a new opportunity! sunday might be the perfect stop for you. Just in case you haven't heard, sunday is an exciting and thriving FinTech (or FunTech) startup that's changing the way payments are made in restaurants across the world. We are saving millions of people minutes at the end of their meal with the simple scan of a tiny 4x4cm QR code. The coolest thing is we are growing quickly and possibly have the perfect position for you.


🚀 Mission

As part of the Global Growth team, you will be owning Salesforce related projects, on a mission to unify, scale and automate our CRM ecosystem. Since your role is global, you'll work with all the countries we operate in (currently France, UK, Spain, US & Canada) and you will address the CRM needs of 3 distinct populations: 

  • Sales representatives -- Looking to close prospects (lead-to-won)
  • Success -- Looking to properly onboard won restaurants (won-to-active)
  • Partner Managers -- Looking to establish long-term relationships with business providers.

→ Being a cross country, cross team asset, your role will be key to attain our ambitious sales goals.

💪 Tasks 

Your day-to-day tasks will consist of:

  • Configuring and continuously improving our Salesforce set-up: user management & security, custom fields & objects, page layouts, matching, duplicate, integration & validation rules, workflows and process builders.
  • Creating and maintaining best-in-class reports and dashboards that are easy to understand, fully reliable and directly actionable.
  • Gathering, centralising and enriching all prospects' data points in our CRM and making sure those data points are properly usable i.e valid, up-to-date, exhaustive & homogeneous.
  • Centralising & prioritising the needs of our various sales, partner management & customer success teams to feed your roadmap.
  • Being the internal expert on CRM and industry best practices on how to structure our Salesforce platform. You’ll be our Salesforce gatekeeper, pushing back on useless requests and performing hygiene tasks to limit the amount of technical debt.

🧠 Requirements

  • Hard skills
    • 4+ years of hands-on Salesforce admin experience -- You have a proven track record in fast-pace CRM management roles (+100 users) and have a passion for making the most out of the Salesforce platform.
    • Reporting & dashboarding master -- You’ve repeatedly built Salesforce dashboards by the dozens and you know how to build reliable, insightful & actionable reports. You’ve already fallen in the “data-porn” & “vanity chart” traps and you have sworn never to do it again.
    • Data SaaS / APIs aficionado -- You’ll be autonomously searching, benchmarking and integrating multiple APIs and SaaS tools (Clearbit, ZoomInfo, Fullcontact, DropContact, Lusha, Kaspr, Albacross...) to clean, validate and enrich our Salesforce prospect data with as many fields as possible (business contacts, firmographics and technographics).
    • Stakeholder management  -- You’re confident in managing (way too many) requests as you’ve already set-up and used a ticketing system. Bonus points if you’re already working in an agile environment in monthly or bi-weekly sprints.
    • Proficiency in English -- You have excellent written & verbal communication skills, with strong attention to detail.

  • Soft skills
    • Hacker mindset -- You’re passionate, hands-on & autonomous. You take initiatives to get the job done, no matter how hard the problem seems.
    • Rigorous & focused -- You’re efficient and precise which allows you to iterate and find solutions quickly.
    • Team player -- You have good communication skills and the ability to translate unclear ideas into tangible actions and measurable objectives.
    • Work ethic -- You're willing to work in a highly demanding and results-oriented team environment.
    • Pragmatic -- You know that done is better than perfect and you're able to mix your coding skills with low-code tools to build MVPs.

🏖️ Benefits

  • Competitive salary -- You don't hire the best with pure willpower.
  • Full flexibility -- Full remote, partial remote or 100% in office: as you prefer.
  • 100% health coverage -- Because we care about your well-being.
  • Equal parental leave policy -- Why should it be otherwise?
  • A lot of responsibilities and opportunities to grow (also internationally)

🤗 Recruitment Process

  1. Resume screening -- We check if your profile fits the needs.
  2. Chit-chat -- 30 min call to asses your level of motivation and get to know each other.
  3. Case study homework -- We send you some homework, to-do in max 5 days (96 hours).
  4. Case study presentation -- 1 hour call to let you present your work.
  5. Culture fit -- 1 hour meeting with a few people from other departments.
  6. Reference Check -- 20 minute call with somebody you previously worked with.
  7. Offer -- You're a star, we want you!

Thanks a lot looking forward to getting to know you!

sunday is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, creed, color, sex, affectional or sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, gender, ethnicity, religion, national origin, ancestry, nationality, age, disability, marital status, veteran status, genetic information, or on any other basis prohibited by law (except where an attribute is a bona fide occupational qualification).

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