About Summit Public Schools

Summit Public Schools is a leading public school system that operates 11 schools in California and Washington serving over 3,600 students. Our mission is to prepare a diverse student population for success in college, career, and life, and to be thoughtful, contributing members of society. Summit leverages its work to have a broader impact on public education in America.

Our schools rank among the best in the nation. They've won awards for school design, including being selected as one of ten schools to win the XQ Challenge in 2017. Fast Company named Summit one of the most innovative organizations in the country. Summit produces extraordinary results for its students, as ninety-nine percent of Summit graduates are accepted to at least one four-year college and Summit students complete college at double the national average. Students of color graduating from Summit are far outpacing the national average.

We share our personalized approach to teaching and learning for free through Summit Learning, with more than 330 partner schools across the country. Summit Learning forms the foundation on which Summit’s successful schools were built. Through Summit Learning, students enter adulthood with a deep understanding of how they learn best and a clear vision for achieving purpose and wellbeing in life.

We are a community that values…

  • CURIOSITY. We seek new ideas. We ask questions and want to hear the answers. We are willing to challenge our previous beliefs, to be open, and to explore the unknown.
  • COURAGE. We commit to living our values and beliefs, and this pushes us to overcome our fears, anxieties, and the pressures of others, and to find the strength to persevere in the face of adversity.
  • COMPASSION. We care about people. Our empathy for others motivates us to be kind, giving, and open, and to express empathy for those who are vulnerable or in distress.
  • INTEGRITY. We are committed to doing what is honest, necessary, and aligned with our values and beliefs, even when it is unpopular or uncomfortable.
  • RESPECT. We recognize each person’s worth and treat them as important and valued members of our community.
  • RESPONSIBILITY. We take ownership for our individual and collective work and outcomes, and we are committed to doing what is necessary in order to meet our obligations and support our community


At this exciting point in the organization’s growth, Summit Public Schools seeks an experienced, strategic educational leader to serve as the Superintendent of their 11 schools across the Bay Area and Washington State. This is a unique opportunity to lead an innovative, established, high-performing Charter Management Organization (CMO) with a very passionate, dedicated team of executive leaders and faculty and to work collaboratively with our families, students, and community members.

Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, the Superintendent will have oversight for a sizable operating budget for a CMO and 11 schools, and will directly manage a team of 6 and a total staff of 375 as the leader of the senior executive team. This individual will manage all aspects of the CMO, including academic programming, operations, compliance, finance, talent, and community engagement. The Superintendent will partner with the founder and the CEO of Summit Public Schools to ensure that Summit Schools serve both as proof-points for Summit Learning and the source of the organization’s continuous improvement and implementation of available learning science.

The Superintendent will be responsible for developing, supporting, and holding accountable every member of the CMO team to meet Summit’s vision of being a public school system that equips all students to lead a fulfilled life a life of well-being that is filled with purpose, financial independence, community, strong relationships, and health. A passionate supporter of Summit’s innovative and proven approach to improving students’ success, this outcomes-driven leader will set key organizational priorities that are clearly defined and effectively communicated to the CMO team.

The Superintendent will inspire leaders, faculty, families, and students to be their best selves every day, always ensuring an unyielding focus on Summit’s mission and core values.

Key responsibilities

Strategic Leadership/Management

  • Lead the senior leadership team of Summit Schools, including Heads of Schools (who manage school leaders), Directors of Special Education and College, and the Chief Operating Officer (who oversees Operations, Talent, Analytics, and External Affairs). Partner closely with Chief Financial Officer.
  • Collaborate to establish accountability and performance measures for each team in the CMO by setting clear goals and managing towards them; adapting as necessary.
  • Develop and retain high-performing Heads of Schools who coach, support, and manage all school leaders.
  • Develop and retain high-performing academic and operational leaders who coach, manage, and support lean teams of high-functioning directors, managers, and associates.

Board Relations

  • Manage the Summit Public Schools California School Board Committee and Washington Board. Engage these members of the board to ensure the CMO benefits from their expertise and perspective.
  • Report on the CMO to the Summit Public Schools Board of Directors four times per year.

Fiscal Responsibilities

  • The Superintendent is the decision maker for the Summit School’s budget as approved by the Board of Directors and, as such, will collaborate with the Chief Financial Officer to produce an annual budget and manage it throughout the year.
  • The Superintendent is expected to end each year on budget, while achieving the goals of the CMO.

Talent Management

  • Collaborate with the Heads of School to develop a robust pipeline for future leadership development.
  • Attract and hire top external leadership candidates.
  • Ensure the CMO is attracting, developing, and retaining top talent in all positions.

Internal / External Communications

  • Serve as the primary spokesperson for internal and external communication for the CMO.
  • Collaborate with the CEO, Summit Learning Program, and other Summit initiatives on both internal and external communications related to Summit.

Core competencies

The Superintendent will be an inspiring, engaged and collaborative leader with the deep knowledge of student-driven learning needed to effectively support Summit’s mission. This individual will have the experience and enthusiasm needed to develop and lead a world-class team of teachers and school leadership.

The Superintendent will be eager to work across Summit’s diverse communities and will have the credibility to build deep and abiding trust with the organization’s stakeholders. This individual will be a confident and effective communicator with the ability to speak persuasively to Summit’s vision, history, and mission with fluency and clarity.

A Bachelor’s degree is required for the position and a graduate degree in Education is preferred. The ideal candidate will have least 4 years of experience as a district administrator and/or school administrator and 4+ years of teaching experience. Experience leading a high-performing network of innovative and/or charter schools is strongly preferred.

Additionally, the successful candidate will have the following professional competencies and personal characteristics:

Strategic Leadership & Management

The Superintendent will establish a strong presence at the school sites and bring a track record of success in leading a sizeable school system to high levels of performance. This individual will enable the organization to build upon a strong foundation and set long-term priorities that align with the mission and vision. The Superintendent will establish clarity on roles, responsibilities, and targeted outcomes for each school, as well as shared responsibilities across the school system. This individual will be outcome driven and will bring strong management skills and the ability to motivate, inspire, develop, and collaborate with a diverse group of experienced leaders, teachers, staff members, and community members. The Superintendent will be a lifelong learner, interested in classroom instruction and in continuous improvement with the ability to manage groups through fast-paced iterative design cycles.

Relationship Building & Collaboration

The Superintendent will have excellent people skills and will lead by developing strong working and interpersonal relationships across all levels of a multidisciplinary, diverse, and dynamic organization.

With outstanding facilitation skills, the Superintendent will possess the ability to drive alignment and build relationships with diverse constituencies, including teachers, school leaders, senior leaders, board members, parents, and students. This individual will be a natural bridge-builder internally and externally.

External Relations & Communication

The Superintendent will have the ability to provide honest, actionable and timely feedback that results in improved performance and will effectively keep the CEO and others up-to-date on matters related to overall priorities or needs. The Superintendent will be able to synthesize divergent views and coalesce all constituents around a shared plan, creating a clear system for feedback and for regular, structured communication across the organization. This individual will establish Summit Public Schools as a center for community engagement, creating collaborative partnerships and raising visibility for the organization as well as educating the community on the value proposition of Summit Public Schools.

Mission Alignment & Expertise

The Superintendent will have a fundamental belief that all children can succeed in college and in life, and an unwavering commitment to the organization’s mission and core values. This individual will be a leader in building a robust organizational culture and will drive faculty retention efforts. A staunch supporter of the benefits of personalized learning, this individual will have the breadth of knowledge of the field required to communicate effectively with stakeholders and drive Summit forward. The Superintendent will have experience working with diverse student populations. The Superintendent will be conversant with the benefits of leveraging technology in a learning environment and equipped to problem-solve related challenges that arise.

Summit Public Schools is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to providing equal employment opportunity for all applicants and employees regardless of race, color, religion, creed, gender, national origin, ancestry, marital status, sexual orientation, age, citizenship status, physical or mental disability, medical condition, or status as a veteran.  Employment decisions are based on merit, qualifications, abilities and business needs. 

Summit Public Schools commits to being a community where individuals of differing cultural backgrounds, identities, abilities and life experiences bring their whole selves; where we value and honor the contributions and talents that each person brings; and where everyone realizes a fulfilled life – a life of well-being that is filled with purpose, financial security, civic identity, strong relationships, and health. These commitments are at the heart of our decisions.

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