Subspace is a dedicated, secure network for delivering tomorrow’s internet today. From mission-critical real-time applications to in-network applications, Subspace helps companies create the best possible real-time experiences. 

While the biggest multiplayer games in the world already use Subspace to create the most competitive and engaging online experiences, we are taking Subspace to even more industries, helping them create the best possible real-time experiences for voice, video, and in-network applications.

As a company, we're hyper-focused on making the internet of tomorrow a reality today. We are backed by top Silicon Valley VCs (Lux Capital, Telstra, 01 Advisors) and run by former executives from tech companies including Riot Games, King, and Avaya. We are hiring people who help us raise the bar, add to our culture, and bring positivity, enthusiasm, and pride to what we are building. Our team members exhibit curiosity, are proactive by nature, genuinely enjoy complex challenges, and share a keen sense of urgency. At Subspace, every millisecond counts.

Subspace has a disciplined, focused engineering organization that's small enough for individual contributors to have broad and substantial influence. Every engineer contributes to the design of our product and the tools we use. We strive to build well-engineered and well-behaved systems, aiming for comprehensive end-to-end testing in user interfaces, accessibility, and data instrumentation. We believe that investing in strong engineering practices speeds our decision-making by providing us the context needed to iterate quickly. 

We are looking for a RTC Engineer (Senior - Principal) to join a highly skilled and collaborative team responsible for delivering systems to use our global network to solve the issues particular to real-time applications. In addition, we are developing a highly optimized WebRTC network infrastructure focusing on TURN to improve internet communications quality and performance.

What you'll be doing:

  • Drive end-to-end software development for new features in WebRTC with a particular focus on STUN/TURN
  • Design and develop with an emphasis on performance, security, and reliability
  • Optimize performance for a globally distributed network
  • Define and develop performance indicators, analyze and improve product perf
  • Work across software layers including browser, WebRTC internals, and internet routing to achieve top performance
  • Be an active participant in review and contribute actively to the quality of designs and code in the team
  • Contribute to the evolution of team processes and methodologies

What you bring to the table:

  • Highly proficient in: C or Go
  • Experience with all or some of the following: STUN, TURN, RTP, RTCP, SIP
  • Familiarity with platform and browser performance analyzer tools
  • Experience in performance and footprint optimization for different media handling technologies
  • Expertise in WebRTC stack and developing WebRTC for latency-sensitive interactive applications on browsers
  • Experience in tuning WebRTC performance and QoS for one or more applications
  • Excellent system software programming, white box testing, and debugging skills
  • 6+ years of experience with the above technologies

This job might be for you if you have:

  • Expertise in Chromium internals such as input and media handling
  • Experience developing highly performant applications for Linux and network routing systems
  • Experience with developing and supporting live consumer product/ service on multiple client platforms such as windows, MAC, Android, iOS
  • Familiarity with telemetry and visualization tools, using data analysis to tune product performance and improve reliability.

Subspace's mission is to build a momentous software-defined network and make it universally available and impactful. Our goal is to serve the globe, which requires a team that is representative of the world that we serve. As a company we embrace an accelerated approach to diversity and inclusion, and support and encourage our employees to be comfortable bringing their full, authentic selves to work. We believe in fostering an environment where diverse perspectives thrive; this core value is a pillar of our business and is critical to our success.

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