As a Senior Firmware Embedded Engineer, you will be responsible for developing embedded software for SoC wearable devices. We are seeking a engineer many years of experience in the domain proficient at SDLC and engineering cycles.  You have deep experience with embedded software and electrical engineering.  Troubleshooting hardware and software to make products work.

You must be able to thrive in a fast-paced design culture and enjoy holding responsibilities solving challenging problems.

Our working environment is focused on fast, iterative, and human-centered design and as a result, we're highly collaborative and agile. Our open office environment is people-focused - we joke, have fun, and enjoy each other's company when we can, but aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty to get things done. We are looking for driven and open-minded engineers with exceptional analytical abilities who can wear a number of hats from electrical engineering, embedded engineering, software design, software development, system architecture.


- Individual contributor, C / C++

- Prototyped, designed, developed, manufactured and deployed hardware in the field with actual use.

- Working on optimizing performance, generating and testing new features on our wearable sensors and smart docks.

- Integration of analysis algorithms to run on device. Including benchmarking and performance optimizations to leverage on device capabilities.

- Prototyping - from PoC to full-scale deployment you will bring new embedded solutions to life. You’ll be designing software to interface with circuits, prototyping and translating your designs for manufacturing and production use.

- Manufacturing - at scale the manufacturing works hand in hand for new embedded solutions.

- Developing the reliability of hardware and software interactions from understanding individual registers through to high level concepts for the product as a whole - making sure that the solution works and is maintanable.

- Completed BS or MS in one of Electrical Engineering, Computer Systems Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering

- Experience making informed architectural (EE + CS) decisions

- 5+ years of C/C++/Python application development on embedded systems (SoC)

- 5+ years of experience creating and testing complex embedded systems

- Breadboarding, soldering, debugging circuit design for prototyping and PCB design.

- Experience using and debugging issues with I2C/SPI buses

- Experience implementing drivers / HALs using datasheets.

- Experience interfacing with hardware manufacturers

- Experience developing software in C / C++ - compiling C and developing/running it on a microcontroller.

- Strong mathematical skills

- Developing interactions using Bluetooth, BLE, and Wifi protocols. Design and explain connected devices, and the network(s) that support them.

- Experience with Git version control in a production environment

- Experience creating libraries, structuring code following SOLID

- Linux, this is the means by which things are engineered well.

- 7+ years work experience


Bonus Skills

- PCB design: Design and fabricated PCBs, using ECAD 

- Experience with micro-controllers + development platforms similar to Nordic nRF51822, nRF52832, TI chipsets or other IoT firmware.

StrongArm Technologies is an equal opportunity employer

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