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Introducing Streamable. Streamable is on a mission to make video hosting fast and easy for anyone building an audience. Streamable has a large customer base, growing revenue, and excellent organic traffic, but the team is still small. That means that each team member plays a vital role in driving the company’s success. Streamable is an excellent opportunity for individuals who thrive in a collaborative, high-skilled entrepreneurial environment. If you are passionate about contributing to a growing company and making a meaningful impact, Streamable could be the perfect fit for you.

A bit about Streamable

  • The easiest, professional video hosting platform for creators, freelancers, and businesses
  • Lightning fast to upload, edit, and share videos online
  • Loved by over 50 million users and customers from 122 countries
  • Challenging ‘traditional hosts’ by making it easier and more affordable to get your video out there, wherever you’re building an audience
  • Big opportunities for ML and AI innovation in video hosting, editing, and engagement

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