Company description
We Google what we don’t know, we Whatsapp to connect, doodle to organise, we stream our music, go shopping on Amazon, and we search for how to’s on Youtube. Today’s consumers have shifted from an offline to a mainly online presence. During every step of the current customer journey, we believe a smart Video Strategy can make a big difference. Whether we just want to inform our target audience, or connect with them on a more personal level. 
What do we do?
Storyme's job is to help leading brands become Video First. This means integrating a Video First Strategy throughout every step of the online journey, for every department. Whether it's in sales, HR, marketing, PR, or finance, our goal is to reach the right people at the right time on the right channels with the right creative Video content. The data we get from this is then used to optimize ongoing and future campaigns. 
To succeed in our mission, we’re looking for ambitious people to join our rockstar team of Video Creatives and Strategists.
We're hoping you might be one of them.
What brands will you be working with?
Well, there’s UberEats, Samsonite, Wired Magazine, Wrangler, Eurostar, Unicef, Bpost, Tomorrowland, WWF, United Nations, ING, Moët Hennessy… just to name a few.
Job description
As a Performance Marketeer, you are a part of the Video Strategy team at StoryMe. 
You will create, map out and implement paid advertising strategies for a cool portfolio of clients. From A to Z, you’ll do everything from strategy and campaign set-up to optimization and reporting.
You have the ownership over social media advertising and can take it to the next level!
Additionally, you will also assist your Video Strategy colleagues in creating innovative pitches, to help inspire prospects and attract them with insights on how to use video for their marketing plans.
Next to that, you will be part of our internal marketing team to bring StoryMe to the next level.
  • Extensive knowledge of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn advertising.
  • Profound knowledge of SEA, YouTube and Twitter advertising (Waze, Spotify, Snapchat and Pinterest are a plus).
  • You are analytical and know your way around Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics. Attribution models, campaign flows and conversion funnels hold no secrets to you and you know how to use these to optimise your social media campaigns.
  • Strategic mindset. You will be the key advisor in the client’s upcoming social advertising campaigns and are responsible for the mapping out of the strategy. That means: choosing the right platforms, audiences, devices,…
  • Flawless communication skills. You can clearly communicate your distribution approach as well as translating the results in a simple way. (both English & Dutch, French is a plus)
  • Perfect monitoring & reporting skills. You monitor and report campaign performance by channel and use those insights to improve further campaigns both strategically and creatively .
  • Proactively on top of the latest trends and changes in social media land and video trends. 
  • Very communicative: you know how to handle the client’s questions and feedback and are always in direct contact with them.
  • Business minded: you have the responsibility over everything related to social advertising at StoryMe from new spotting opportunities to keeping the team up-to-date on social platform changes.
  • Team player: Video Strategy is a small team, so communication and a good sense of team spirit is very important.
  • Independence: you are proactive and can handle the responsibility of managing all things related to social media advertising. 
Additional information
  • Professional, scale-up environment
  • Ambitious, hardworking colleagues striving for the same goal
  • Inspiring office spaces
  • No bullshit, scale-up management
  • Possibilities to grow fast


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