Company description

Today’s consumers have shifted from an offline to a mainly online presence.

We Google what we don’t know, we Whatsapp to connect, we stream our music, add stuff to our online shopping carts, search for how to’s on Youtube or extra insights on a company page just like you’re doing right now.

In every single step of the way, we believe a smart Video Strategy can make a big difference, to inform better or connect quicker on a more personal level. You’re probably about to decide if StoryMe is the right fit for you.

What do we do?

StoryMe helps leading brands to integrate a clear Video Strategy through every step of the online journey. If it’s in sales, HR, marketing or finance our goal is to reach the right people at the right time on the right channels with the right creative Video content.

And to help our awesome brands succeed, we’re looking for ambitious people to join our rock-solid team of Video creatives and strategists.


What brands will you be working for?

Well, there’s UberEats, Samsonite, Wired Magazine, Wrangler, Eurostar, Unicef, Bpost, Tomorrowland, WWF, United Nations, ING, Moët Hennessy… just to name a few.


Job Description

  • A StoryMe scriptwriter isn’t just a copy machine; you’re a tried and tested storyteller
  • Soak up information like a sponge and use your expertise to advise clients on the right content and communication style for their needs
  • Produce copy that gets the message across (whatever it may be!) in the most engaging and effective way
  • Channel your inner Shakespeare to write video scripts with impact and set solid foundations for every story
  • Push your creativity to the max whether you’re knuckling down for a deadline or whipping up concepts with your creative team
  • Set gold standards for accuracy with fluent writing and impeccable grammar



  • You love both micro-form as long-form video content
  • You understand the power of video in both a B2B and a B2C setting
  • You're multi-skilled
  • You have minimum 3-5 years experience as copywriter or scriptwriter
  • You’re a team player to the core 
  • English and Dutch are mandatory, French is a bonus
  • Great interpersonal and communication skills
  • You own tequila celebrations! 🍋
  • Fuck it, let's do it” mentality  


Additional information

  • Interesting package
  • Professional, scale-up environment
  • Ambitious young crew
  • Inspiring office space
  • No bullshit, scale-up management


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