STORY is a first-of-its kind retail concept that changes like a gallery, takes the point of view of a magazine, and sells things like a store. Our mission is to create accessible discovery at the intersection of community and small business.
Once upon a time, a store in Chelsea named STORY decided to act like a magazine and change its theme and merchandise every 4-8 weeks—creating an entirely different type of immersive retail experience. Fast forward seven years – STORY has become a model for the future of retail, pioneered a new retail media business model, and built a vibrant community of consumers and small businesses, all while partnering with Fortune 500 companies in totally new ways. Now, STORY is ready to take the success of its NYC location national by not just changing the paint on the car, but reinventing the engine. STORY’s immediate next chapter lives within select Macy’s doors— we are seeking an amazing co-authors to help us write it!



Current Job Openings



Programming + Events, Manager
Locations: NYC, Queens, Garden City, Yonkers, or Brooklyn
STORY Manager
New York, New York

Storytelling - Retail Management

VP of STORYtelling
New York, New York