This is a senior, multi-disciplinary role that will report directly to our founder/CEO. Our Chief of Staff will be responsible for supporting company growth by developing and executing a unified, strategic approach to team, operational, and business expansion. This role involves a rare mix of strategy and execution.

Responsibilities include:

Team strategy and development -- We’re expanding our team faster than ever but committed to maintaining a cohesive, efficient organizational structure. No matter how large our team grows, it is crucial that every Parcel employee is always filling an essential role and has the managerial support s/he needs to perform and grow. You’d be responsible for shaping our organizational structure, identifying and defining key roles, and facilitating team-wide hiring processes.

Growth strategy -- We were acquired by Walmart in September 2017, and this relationship affords us the rare opportunity to grow as quickly as we want to, but breakneck growth is dangerous if not controlled. You’d be responsible for evaluating growth opportunities, both internally (with Walmart and Jet) and externally (with third-party clients), working directly with our CEO to determine the right ones to pursue, and directing these pursuits.

Strategic relationship development -- Being part of Walmart means access to unparalleled resources, scale, and expertise, so maximizing the value from this relationship is paramount. You’d be responsible for leading and navigating many of the conversations with Walmart and Jet teams (from fulfillment and transportation to IT and security) and filtering the relevant insights for the team.

Key project management -- Our future holds a number of high-impact initiatives, from massively expanding our real estate footprint and fleet to launching our first guerrilla marketing campaigns. You’d be leading the execution of these far-reaching undertakings, working with all relevant teams to establish goals, define timelines, track progress, and keep everything on schedule.

Note: the nature of the role will evolve as Parcel continues growing, with an intended increase in broader managerial responsibilities.

Required qualifications:

- 5+ years of experience in operations management, consulting, or another multi-disciplinary business domain

- Ability to thrive in fast-paced environments where high-impact decisions need to be made around the clock without complete information

- Impeccable communication skills (both written and verbal) with a focus on efficiency and clarity

- Ability to quickly synthesize massive amounts of information and retain key learnings

- Mastery of Excel / Google Sheets

Preferred qualifications:

- Experience in transportation, supply chain, logistics, and/or fulfillment

- Experience at an extremely high-growth company

- Experience hiring and/or managing full-time employees

This will not be a fit if you:

- Need hands-on management or frequent check-ins to stay productive

- Get overwhelmed easily (or ever)

- Thrive in structured, predictable environments

- Ever arrive to anything late

- Are looking for anything that even vaguely resembles a 9-5 job

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