States Title

States Title is a top 10 title and escrow provider, and through its family of companies - NATC & NATIC - is able to impact 90% of real estate transactions in the US. States Title is intelligently transforming closings by applying machine intelligence to the age-old processes and procedures in the $25B Title and Settlement industry. Making residential real estate simple and efficient, and allowing lenders to close more loans, faster, and at a lower cost. 


Current Job Openings

States Title

Athena Operations

Escrow Closer
Irvine, CA
Escrow Post-Closer
Irvine, CA
Funder Associate
Irvine, CA
Notary Operations Specialist
Remote - FL, NV, TX, VA


Senior Accountant
Chicago, IL


Brand Design Director
New York, San Francisco


Data Science
Data Scientist (NLP/CV)
San Francisco
Director, Data Science
San Francisco
VP of Engineering
San Francisco, CA
Information Technology
Desktop Support Technician
San Francisco, CA