Starfish Neuroscience

At Starfish Neuroscience, we are building scientifically grounded, technically advanced brain interfaces — devices that will work in the real world and will be accessible to those who need them. This requires a team with expertise spanning engineering disciplines, biological and physical sciences, medicine, and operations.

Building better brain interfaces is a big, interdisciplinary challenge that requires a broad spectrum of engineers, scientists, clinicians, and operations specialists. We seek a team with a wide diversity of personal and professional perspectives.

  • Are you a broad thinker with a strong skill set?
  • Do you want to drive the future of brain interfacing?
  • Are you a self-starter who makes good independent decisions?
  • Do you enjoy working within a collaborative team?

If so, and if you think Starfish could benefit from your set of skills, please let us know.

We especially encourage applications from people with expertise in these areas:
experimental neuroscience, mechanical engineering, physics and physical modeling, wearable or implantable medical devices, and ultrasound devices.


Current Job Openings



Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineer
Bellevue, WA

Microfab, Materials, MEMS