Split’s product and engineering teams process and leverage data across 1 trillion+ monthly events to empower product, engineering and business decisions by delivering feature flags, data-driven insights, metrics, and tools to our customers. Our product helps companies and engineering teams across all industries accelerate their product delivery safely and effectively. understand the value of their feature to their users in a very data and scientific way and allow them to quickly iterate to accelerate their business impact.
As an Internal Platform Backend Engineer, you will be responsible for leading our internal platform to make simpler and faster for teams to build and operate Split's product. The team will define and drive our service frameworks to build our platform and application services in Go, Java and NodeJS, will build general capabilities to be leveraged by services such as rate limiting, monitoring, service mesh, service-to-service communication, data access management, event bus, security, etc... The team will be making it easier for everyone to integrate with our infrastructure including our container and Kubernetes infrastructure. This team is the expert team to tune and scale services at low levels (threads, IO/Networking). This team is the center of excellence of how we build services at Split. This is a role that fits well people who likes to go deep in technologies and thrive to make complex things simple.


      • Lead service framework development for Split’s stack (Go, Java, NodeJS).
      • Make it easy to setup, develop and operate services 
      • Build infrastructure needed to support our API-first platform
      • Build and manage general use services for things such rate limiting, monitoring, secret and config management, service mesh
      • Make it easy, secure and effective to communicate between services with strong guarantees (event bus, connection management, auth)
      • Provide simple to use access layers that make it easy to manage transactions, multi region and other complexities related to data store
      • Make it simple and easy to develop and run services in containers with Kubernetes
      • Own built services operation in production, including participating in on call rotation.


      • 5+ years of relevant software development experience
      • Experience building, debugging and managing scalable and reliable distributed systems in a collaborative environment.
      • Knowledge of cloud infrastructure (e.g., AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, ...).
      • Operational experience with services in a SaaS environment
      • Obsession over writing simple, modularized, elegant code that can be easily tested.
      • Personable and able to work as a member of small team. Able to contribute to projects with peers in other departments when needed.
      • Desire to keep learning and be challenged, self-driven and motivated.


About Split

Split was founded in 2015 with a team that had built the tools that made it possible for companies like LinkedIn and Salesforce to deliver great features. Since then we've helped hundreds of customers, including dozens of the Global 2000, achieve the same results.

Split provides an industry-leading Feature Delivery Platform. We pair the speed and reliability of feature flags with data to measure the impact of every feature. Split reduces development time, mitigates release risk, and quantifies impact, so engineering teams at companies like Twilio, Salesforce, and WePay are freed to solve customer and business problems.

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