Position summary

  • Asia based Product Operations Department manages the development process and are the eyes, ears, and hands of the USA/Cham product management teams.
  • As an extension of the brand, they are to uphold the standards of performance, quality, integrity and delivery Specialized customers and riders expect.
  • Ensures development project spec’s, colors, costs and test results meet the expectations of the product management team and are approved in time for production.
  • Maintaining the development tracking tools (Agile), updating weekly status reports, and being able to report the status of a given project for delivering control is standard work for this role. 
  • The Product developer is chartered with getting the most out of our vendors, so relationship skills and communications are as important as technical knowledge and work ethic.
  • The Product developer will need to act as a leader in diagnosing, solving and defining a corrective action plan when product issues arise that threaten production.


Role Responsibilities

Product Development

  • Work with SBC and manufacturers to develop new products, materials, finishes and systems in line with the design direction
  • Ride, understand the needs of riders, participate in the categories you work on to bring rider empathy to the work you do.

Data Management

  • Manage Product information: pricing, approvals, test results, photos, color matching, development project specification and descriptions.
  • Maintain Development Project status & timeline in PLM systems
  • Maintain Graphic Project status & timeline in PLM systems
  • Send Weekly Report(s) Every Monday on project status


  • Communicate issues found in the field and work with Quality and Engineering teams to expedite our response and ability to solve them.
  • Work with QC on the diagnosis and holding the vendors accountable when production issues are found.
  • Work with Suppliers and uphold SBC policy and ensure vendor alignment with SBC strategy.
  • Collaborate with Compliance to ensure ALL new products and combinations are tested

Supply Chain

  • Helping to discover new sourcing options & new technologies and introduce them to the team for future business consideration.
  • Work with suppliers closely to build and maintain the relationship and trust
  • Work with suppliers to improve product performance, quality, testing and delivery while pushing them to innovate both in product and manufacturing to bring new products to market with improved efficiency.
  • Collaborate with Bike Development Team \ Supply Chain Team to ensure on time delivery of products 


  • Attend Tradeshows, Vendors, Events, Field, Specialized offices as needed.

Skills & Knowledge

  • Good communication skills, both in English and Mandarin/Taiwanese, including listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • Familiar with MS system (Outlook, Word, Excel etc.)
  • Experience working with international cultures
  • Understanding of principles for intellectual property ownership and confidentiality.
  • Good problem-solving abilities and a sense for getting to the cause of issues
  • Knowledge of bicycle assembly, process, material, logistics and delivery flow.
  • Knowledge of saddle development process
  • Knowledge of materials: textile, foam, composites
  • With Chemical/Textile Engineering background is a plus


  • Positive, Passion on cycling, empathy from PM’s perspective, good communication and ability to negotiation(firm and soft), understand how to inspire suppliers to problem solving, project kicking off, understand the importance of plan B and good sense of brainstorming for option B/C/D.


  • Three year’s work experience in product development, project management or trading.


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