Your role at Sora

You’ll be developing and shipping new features and updates to our product. You’ll help us implement new technologies and keep our code up to date with best practices. You’ll work collaboratively with other team members to conceptualize & prioritize the right features to build, then drive the implementation and release of major features. You'll be a champion of best practices for writing well-tested, well-organized code.

You’ll become familiar with all parts of our stack. You’ll design and implement features to be scalable and resilient. This might include challenges like the complexities of a real-time, single-page web application, scaling backend services under high load, and developing predictive algorithms to enable unique features. You’ll be a driver for positive change to Sora's engineering culture, processes and technology. 

Within a few months, you'll be driving key technical decisions and shape the direction of the codebase. You'll also shape the future of the engineering organization and culture of our company!


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