Soluto has been a DevOps shop way before it became what all the cool kids do, and continuous improvement has always been our thing. We’re facing some exciting opportunities and challenges, with a production deployment serving tens of millions of users, through some of the most demanding and SLA-aware customers, like Verizon, AT&T and Walmart.

We’re looking for engineers who can lead us to the next level: Manage and improve our CI/CD, monitoring and orchestration, and also feel comfortable with coding so that you’re able to contribute to production code. 

So if you’re really into DevOps, and understands the importance of reliability in large, web-scale products, you could be a great fit.

As part of our DevOps team you will:

  • Maintain and extend our orchestration platform - making sure we provide robust and reliable service to the development teams while continuously delivering new value
  • Build tools that will help teams easily monitor their products at scale and ensure the health and reliability of our platform
  • Design, build and maintain our CI/CD process to allow a streamlined path from check-in to production
  • Continuously improve our production environment, keeping track of new technologies and assimilating them into an existing development toolchain
  • Implement and integrate security best practices

Here are some more details on the type of experience we’re looking for:

  • Orchestrating container workloads using Kubernetes, Swarm or similar
  • Any mainstream programming language, along with popular scripting languages
  • Monitoring tools, like Icinga, Graphite, Prometheus, ELK or similar
  • Continuous integration tools like Jenkins, TeamCity, Travis, Codefresh or similar
  • Continuous delivery methodologies for backend services, web and mobile apps
  • Experience working on a public cloud such as AWS, GCP or Azure
  • Defining network topologies and security considerations
  • Creating highly scalable Docker deployments
  • Comfortable with Linux
  • Eager for turning tedious day-to-day tasks into streamlined processes using code and creativity

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