Soluto is a young company focused on making people love technology and get the most out of it. We’re a strong team of product-oriented developers, so we don’t just write code - we’re always looking at the impact we have on users and we measure it obsessively. We’re using cutting edge technology combined with great methodologies around Continuous Integration & Deployment, so awesome code with new innovative features is published to production every single day. A couple of years ago, we were acquired by Asurion, a market leader in mobile services, with about 280 million customers, which means that we’re facing some fascinating challenges around scale, user experience and quality.

Who’s the perfect match for us?

  • A highly motivated developer with experience in development, design and architecture.
  • There are no managers in Soluto, so you’re going to have to be extremely responsible and independent.
  • We’re using Lean Startup methodologies, which means we’ll need you to be agile and data-driven too.
  • Our culture focuses on constantly getting more professional in what we do, and this requires open-minded people who love to learn and create.

In short - we welcome any developer with lots of experience in object-oriented or functional paradigms, and we’re not picky about languages. We’ve recently been writing mostly JavaScript, React, C#, Java, Objective-C and Swift. We have a very strong team, and we’re looking for people who want to learn as well as bring their experience to the table and introduce us to new stuff.

Tech stack

  • JavaScript, React, React Native, C#, Node.js, Java, Swift, and whatever is needed.
  • Cloud Architecture with Micro-Services and high availability best practices
  • Agile, Lean, Kanban, CI, CD and DevOps
  • Unit Tests, Integration Tests and End-to-End Tests

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