Who We Are

Solana is a high performance blockchain that can enable growing decentralized applications and systems to scale without sacrificing security. Our team is highly specialized, so we’re looking for talented people who are willing to jump right in and use their expertise to help us find product market fit as we build out the Solana ecosystem. If you’re looking to join a fast paced, problem solving environment in the center of blockchain infrastructure, cryptocurrency and decentralized applications, then read on.

To be successful in this role:

You will:

  • Develop and continuously improve the marketing roadmap while taking ownership of scaling a new ecosystem from early adopters to billions of users. You will need to enthusiastically own the ongoing growth and quality of that ecosystem.
  • Meticulously craft the marketing messages to attract the best of the best developers and entrepreneurs to build on our ecosystem.
  • Lead and inspire a small team of marketing professionals in a dynamic startup environment.
  • Coordinate the highest quality in-person and virtual events such as hackathons, community meetups, panels, conferences, and more.
  • Cultivate clear and compelling brand messaging that drives attention to and adoption of Solana
  • Engage the community and drive compelling content while aiding us in making data-driven business decisions. 
  • Measure success by event quality and attendance, and community engagement/retainment/referral rates 
  • Focus on marketing initiatives as well as public relations while operating autonomously. 

You have:

  • Supreme communication skills and the ability to liaise with and lead a huge variety of individuals
  • The acute ability to cultivate and articulate a clear Big Picture while implementing all of the steps required to get there. You must be able to effectively strategize AND execute all marketing initiatives.
  • Both an analytical and creative mindset
  • Flexibility to shift gears at any moment. This is a dynamic startup environment in a lightspeed-fast industry

You are:

  • An all-around people person. You know what the community and developers want and can align our goals with their needs and vice-versa. 
  • Willing to do whatever it takes whenever it’s needed. You’re as game to hop on an occasional flight to make events happen as you are to crank out announcements as quickly as possible.
  • Well-versed in the blockchain space; you’re familiar with technical aspects and can communicate them at both a high level and to developers.

Required Experience

  • Experience in grassroots/growth marketing is vital. Your contributions to any such efforts should be measurable.
  • You’ve worked with developers, and you understand their needs and pain-points well enough to communicate them to our team at any level.

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