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We’re looking for impact driven, experienced software engineers to join our Growth group and amplify the value Snyk is bringing to developers all around the world.

Who are we?

The teams in the Growth group focus on acquisition, engagement and conversion of Snyk's individual users. In our work, we are motivated by making a business impact:

  • we analyse the interaction of our users with our service
  • we understand what our users perceive as value in these interactions
  • we come up with hypotheses on what can increase the value our users gain from our service
  • we experiment iteratively and rapidly to prove or disprove our hypotheses
  • we implement the proven hypotheses as part of our service

We build on top of the entire Snyk product offering - Snyk Open Source, Snyk Container, Snyk IaC and Snyk Code. We build on top of the Platform that powers these product offerings. We focus on user behaviour and business metrics that drive the most important needles for the company.

This year the teams in the Growth group will:

  • extend our reach to the individual developer, exponentially growing new user registrations
  • increase the engagement of our users, making sure more and more registered users get value out of Snyk
  • reduce user churn, helping users make value over longer periods of time
  • drive conversion, helping business users emerge from our free tier and onboard to Snyk as a customer company

Who are you?

You are a versatile, experienced software engineer. You pick the right tool for the job, starting from the end result you want to achieve. Your motivation lies more with your *business* rather than *technical* impact. You thrive on multi-disciplinary teams, working alongside marketers, designers and data analysts.

You’ll spend your time:

  • identifying user behaviour through analytics in a rigorous and trustworthy way
  • coming up with hypotheses on how user behaviour can change with our service
  • implementing changes across our entire product surface
  • measuring the impact of these changes to prove or disprove these hypotheses

You should apply if you:

  • consider yourself a versatile, self-sufficient full-stack developer
  • feel more comfortable with data you can trust
  • feel less comfortable with hunches (especially those of other people)
  • prefer to disprove a theory quickly rather than exhaust all ways trying to prove it
  • are comfortable with Git, GitHub and Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment workflows
  • are proactive, and enjoy working on cross-functional Growth oriented teams
  • are interested in security, developer tooling, and open source

We’d especially love to hear from you if you:

  • have Web application (JavaScript / TypeScript) OR IDE plugins (JavaScript / TypeScript / Java) experience
  • have experience with one or more front-end frameworks e.g React, Vue, Angular
  • have experience working with large data sets and/or with BigQuery
  • have worked with Kubernetes or another container-based operational environment
  • have experience working as part of a distributed team


Please apply below! We care deeply about the warm, inclusive environment we’ve created and we value diversity - we welcome applications from those typically underrepresented in tech. If you like the sound of this role but are not totally sure whether you’re the right person, do apply anyway :)

About Snyk

Snyk’s mission is to help developers use open source code and stay secure.

The use of open source is booming, but security is a key concern ( Snyk’s unique product enables developers and enterprise security teams to continuously find & fix vulnerable dependencies without slowing down, offering seamless integration into Dev, DevOps and DevSecOps workflows. We care deeply about the quality and usefulness of the tools we develop, always focusing on our customers and users.

We are experiencing rapid growth - and we want you to join us! Snyk reaches more than 2.2 million developers across the globe, positioned within organizations such as Salesforce, Google, and JP Morgan. Our most recent March 2021 Series E funding round valued us at over $4.6 Billion.

We believe open-source software is a force for good, and we’re building Snyk to make it easier for developers who aren’t security experts to stay secure.



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