We are looking for a project management leader that will define/create much of our approach to IT project planning, management and delivery. You are not stepping into a clean, well-defined role. You are the “prototype” for the IT project management function at Snyk; the one who will help us figure out how to plan, execute and communicate this work to all of Snyk.

You will not be managing one large, “waterfall” enterprise software project at a time. Instead, you will juggle 10-15 projects at a go. Some might only last a week, others a month or two. You will help us get better at planning and executing these projects. You will also put in place the measurements and data to help us better understand and communicate our capacity and commitments.

You’ll spend your time:

  • Partnering closely with Snyk business stakeholders to ensure we are accurately translating internal needs into well defined projects and backlogs.
  • Guiding our Tech Operations and Systems Engineering teams (our IT delivery teams) in the prioritisation and implementation of solutions that are aligned with the needs and prioritisation of the company.
  • Tracking and reporting on projects and their associated KPIs, such as the roll out of a new HRIS system (Workday), or the implementation of a company-wide internal support system and process
  • Inspiring a Product Thinking mindset across the entire CIS group, as a well as introducing agility and transparency to our IT development processes.
  • Creating project templates for reliable, repeatable execution of projects.

You should apply if you:

  • Have proven experience in being a technical project manager
  • Have experience managing an ongoing portfolio of varied projects. This is not a job for people with only serial project management experience.
  • Have experience in Agile methodologies. Ideally, you’re deep in Agile and have a strong understanding of roles, approaches, etc.
  • Have experience in Agile Coaching. Have helped implement or deepen an organization’s adoption of agile.
  • Have experience in a SaaS-heavy technical environment. 
  • Have experience working with Cloud Native technologies in an Infrastructure domain. Successfully delivering cloud platforms at scale.
  • Have experience in building platforms and products for internal customers, with the ability to drive adoption of these products
  • Have experience collaborating with multiple stakeholders and managing priorities.
  • Are user-focussed and enjoy building effective relationships with stakeholders at all levels of the company
  • Are able to adapt in a fast-paced environment, with the ability to manage competing priorities and multi-task
  • Communicate proactively, and enjoy working with people from multiple disciplines across engineering, marketing, sales, security, HR and finance
  • Adept at working across multiple teams, with the ability to set a vision and roadmap at a group level
  • Have experience in working in a geographically distributed / remote environment. You can set and manage your own work without direction from others. You are comfortable and experienced working asynchronously (Slack, written docs, other collaboration and communication tools).


Please apply below! We care deeply about the warm, inclusive environment we’ve created and we value diversity - we welcome applications from those typically underrepresented in tech. If you like the sound of this role, but are not totally sure whether you’re the right person, do apply anyway :)

About Snyk

Snyk’s mission is to help developers use open source code and stay secure. 

The use of open source is booming, but security is a key concern (https://snyk.io/stateofossecurity/). Snyk’s unique product enables developers and enterprise security teams to continuously find & fix vulnerable dependencies without slowing down, offering seamless integration into Dev, DevOps, and DevSecOps workflows. We care deeply about the quality and usefulness of the tools we develop, always focusing on our customers and users. 

We are experiencing rapid growth - and we want you to join us! By the end of Q3 2020 alone, Snyk was already adopted by over 600,000 developers, including multiple enterprise customers (such as Google, New Relic, ASOS, and others). We also raised an additional $150 Million, announced January 21st, 2020, from investors such as Stripes and Salesforce Ventures, demonstrating that they are as excited as we are by Snyk’s progress and potential.

We believe open-source software is a force for good, and we’re building Snyk to make it easier for developers who aren’t security experts to stay secure




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