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Our mission is to help developers use open source code and stay secure.

The use of open source software is booming: technology is integral to almost every facet of our lives, and almost all software developers rely on open source components.

We’re so used to using open source that we treat it like our own code - but it’s not. What’s more, anyone can find and exploit vulnerabilities within this code, and most open source maintainers aren’t security experts. With open source software, security is a key concern.

About us

At Snyk, we believe that the open source world and the community around it is a force for good. We’ve brought together a team of security experts and talented software developers to make it easier for everyone to use open source safely.

Over 2.2M developers already depend on our enterprise-grade solution to find and fix their vulnerable dependencies. We protect more than 100,000 open source projects, and we have many large organisations on board, including Google, New Relic and ASOS.

We receive regular contributions (and love!) from the community, we have some fantastic partners amplifying our reach, and around 1,500 badges in GitHub championing us, including top projects like FreeCodeCamp and request.

We recently raised $300M from investors such as Accel and Tiger Global, bringing our company valuation to 4.7 billion, and demonstrating that they are as excited as we are by Snyk’s progress and potential.

We care deeply about the warm, inclusive working environment we've fostered, where we can benefit from the different perspectives within our team. We are collaborative, curious, and respectful - it’s important to us that everyone feels comfortable contributing their ideas and views.

We are around 500+ people (and counting!), distributed across offices in London, Tel Aviv, Ottawa, and Boston, with several people working fully-remote. We’ve made an organisational commitment to building a strong, effective, distributed company: we form teams across multiple offices wherever possible, and we invest in communication so that we can benefit from each others’ perspectives. As well as an always-on webcam so we can see what’s happening in each office, we make heavy use of video calls, Slack, and some inter-office travel.

What’s next?

We’re making great progress, and there’s lots more to do:

  • open source is growing across every ecosystem, and each package manager works differently: we’re taking on the challenge of building a model that works for all of them and can fully cover the entire codebase
  • we’re building an industry-leading database of vulnerabilities, and we want to use machine learning models and even more targeted research to build it faster and better.
  • we need to make sure our system scales in a robust, maintainable way so that we can make security business as usual for more developers across the world.
  • we want to use our team’s expertise to continue educating and enabling developers to take responsibility for secure development, and to adopt great security practices without slowing down.
  • we need to get our product to the people who need it, and work closely with our users to learn what they need and how we can better support them.
  • we’d love to provide first class security tools across the full end-to-end software development life cycle and seamlessly fit into every developer’s workflow
  • we want to expand our vulnerability remediation and offer even better monitoring

Plus the ongoing challenge of building a cohesive distributed company across continents!

You’ll love working with us if:

  • you care about working on something that's genuinely useful
  • you have a positive mindset: you're excited by unfamiliar challenges and learning new things
  • you're collaborative, supportive, and love to help others learn
  • you believe in shared accountability, celebrating success, and learning from failures
  • you want to join a startup and accelerate your career
  • you're excited about working in a diverse, distributed team
  • you want to help more people use open source and stay secure

Current Job Openings at Snyk

Business Development

Channel Account Manager
US (West Coast), or Remote
Senior Alliance Manager
Munich, or Remote



Senior Manager, Finance
Cluj, Romania, or Remote


Lead Counsel, Commercial
Boston, or Remote
Lead Counsel, Privacy
Boston, or Remote



Senior Competitive Analyst
Boston, or Remote
Senior Product Manager - Cloud
US (East Coast), London, or Remote
Senior Product Manager - Snyk Code Group
East Coast Canada, or Remote
Staff Product Manager - Infrastructure Group
Canada, Israel, UK, US (East Coast), Romania, or Remote


Technical Success Manager
(US (West Coast), Seattle, Denver, or Remote)

Strategy & Operations